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  1. jdm_ae86

    FS:Aquarium Stuff on Oahu..

  2. jdm_ae86

    FS:Aquarium Stuff on Oahu..

    -Two brand new overflow boxes, $50 each or $90 for both.. -brand new Aqua Medic Oceanrunner return pump, 1700 gph, $90. -3 gallon Eclipse tank, $20 -two brand new frag boxes, measurements are roughly 13"Lx2 1/2"Wx2 1/2"T, has holes all over for good circulation, $20 each. buy the ov. boxes and...
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    what is this thing???

    peanut worm..
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    Question about Nano Cube???

    if you want to keep higher light requiring animals, you can retrofit a 96 watt pc light in there, ive seen it done before..because youre not going to be able to keep much with 24 watts..and only 12 watts is 10,000K spectrum.
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    Eels in Hypo??

    eels are scaleless, and have a thick mucus that covers their in other words, they cant get infected by ich like fish can.
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    shipped to hawaii

    dragonfli, if youre interested in any equipment, i got some things for sale..260 watt Coralife power compact light, 125 gallon tank/stand/filters, wet/dry filtration setup(brand new), and 2 millenium 3000 filters.. send me an email if youre interested in anything..
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    this is one of the better ways to reduce nitrate, phosphate and other things, since it is natural, and the only cons i see is initial setup..
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    To SAND or Not to SAND? Thats The ?.

    id base it on what youre planning to do. for a full on sps tank, id go with a light covering of sand..or if youre planning to keep brains, plate corals, clams, etc., id go with a more thicker sand bed, or a dsb..
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    Yet another annoying sump post

    the pic atached is all you need to do. and for your overflow standpipe, drill the hole into the cap like you mentioned on the top..
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    Yet another annoying sump post

    christssol, that air intake on the return line will just spurt out water..he needs to put the siphon break holes on each of the two outputs, right at the surface water level..
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    lots of questions

    i think you shouldve wait a while longer before you added fish.. anyway, depending on your total bioload, water changes should atleast be 10% a week, higher(imo), if you have a higher bioload..
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    chemical filtration

    try not dosing for a month, just do regular(atleast weekly) water changes..and monitor how your levels are during that period. unless you have a moderate to high bioload of corals/inverts, etc., you wont need to dose anything..
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    Adding a canister filter to my Reeftank

    canister filters are good for running carbon in them, or other chemical media..i run mines w/ carbon for about a day every 2 weeks..
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    Using a PUR water filter?

    itll only help verry little..
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    yea thatll if one ever goes out, youll still have one still running..
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    Cup coral constantly being knocked over

    you can find epoxy pretty much a any saltwater pet example is a brand called aquastik..
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    Cup coral constantly being knocked over

    i can almost guarantee you its crabs knocking it over all the buy epoxy glue, and attach the coral to the rock..then kill all crabs you find.. =)
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    difference between HQI and Metal halide?

    if you have the money, go with the HQI' get as much output for less wattage..for example a 150 watt HQI setup will put out just as much PAR as a 250 watt SE(single ended) setup..
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    What's the difference btw/ Zoo and Phytoplankton

    most or probably all species of phytoplankton are too fine for the anenomes to feed on, zooplankton is what it eats naturally. so you should feed it meatier foods, once in awhile that is.. the feather duster catches its own food everyday, if it didnt, it wouldve died on you awhile ago..
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    What's the difference btw/ Zoo and Phytoplankton

    zooplankton is the bigger organisms, like copepods, while phytoplankton are microscopic algae cells. you dont need to feed the feather duster, itll catch its own food..