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  1. dogstar

    Global Warming?

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman Why is it that multiple planets and moons in our solar system are all warming at the same time? 1j, could give a reliable source for this statement
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    Republican vs. Democrat

    My apologies to Grouper...I did jump the gun with my comment. My first action on seeing this was to search and I found some/many versions of the Madison speech with the word " really " and what to me, that word seemed altered or muffled or basically not clear and mostly comeing from what I...
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    Republican vs. Democrat

    OK heres a clue... I am sure you looked hard for the correct quote but perhaps you should look really hard for the correct quote.
  4. dogstar

    Republican vs. Democrat

    Nope, still not right...
  5. dogstar

    Republican vs. Democrat

    Is there a reason why you did not quote what she really said ?
  6. dogstar

    darwin clownfish

    Might be a reference to the black and white variant of A. ocellaris thats mostly only found near Darwin, AU.
  7. dogstar

    how many years in the sw hobby?

    6yrs w/ reefs, never smaller than 120g
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    State of the Union.

    I prefer to evaluate what they do or don't do more than what they say.
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    Who's hosting who?

    The anemone is the host ( noun ) The anemone host the clown ( verb )
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    Bubble Tip Anenome

    LFS = Local Fish Store
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    Hard to read threads

    I agree. Im not any scholar either but I do try to post a readable post. Do like I do and ignore them. If they can't respect all the members enough to try and post a readable post for all members to read, then dont respond. If they want help or a discussion, then IMO, they should make...
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    Bubble Tip Anenome

    Sounds fine to me.
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    Click Click Click

    Most likely a pistol shrimp but could be a mantis. Look for little spots were the sand has been pushed out from under the rocks. This is what pistols do when they dig and live in the sand.
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    Anyone ever use a DI tap filter?

    Get a multi-stage RO/DI. The filters last a lot longer and cheaper in the long term.
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    Originally Posted by socal57che I read the story and I think I understand this. 1. the sewer is plugged 2. the sewer is backed up 3. someone actually stood downstream to take that photo Correct me if I'm wrong, but the person taking photos is an idiot. understand this 12 inch pipe..... They...
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    Been thinking. (political based thread)

    Originally Posted by crimzy We all know each other's positions pretty well by now.... lets get over it. Yes he did. No he didn't. Yes he did. No, he didn't. Yes, he did. No, he did not. He did too. Did not. Did too. Not. Did. Not. Did.
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    When do you step in?

    There's the old laughing lady, everything is all right...........
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    Been thinking. (political based thread)

    Originally Posted by Darthtang AW Let's use common sense here for a bit. Ok, he used to have them. We didn't find any.
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    show me a kenya tree

    Often confused with a colt, but these two are kenya tree. Under different lighting..generally, it stays smaller and more bushier than colt coral.
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    Forgot the name ID please

    Originally Posted by bonita69 Any suggestions? You can always ask here first. Most would have said the same about the elegance too. Not knocking ya, Ive made a few bad impulse buys myself.