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  1. lionpaw38

    Ich The Nemisis Extraordinaire

    I think the supplements are a good idea at any feeding which I do....and that would be correct on boosting their immune systems as a method of prevention. althought the metronidazole ( Fish Zole ) is an antibiotic that will kill the parasite. Also its the .00000001 that will get you everytime
  2. lionpaw38

    Ich The Nemisis Extraordinaire

    My take on this pain in the posterior. I have read tons of things to do to prevent and get rid if this crappy little parasite. I have also learned no matter what precautions you take eventually you will have it in your tank. I have always said that no matter how well you take care of yourself...
  3. lionpaw38

    Ich ID on Pink Tail Trigger

    look.....dont go through all the bs you hear. All you have to do is slowly raise your tank temp to 80 to 82 ( about 2 an hour ). Get some metronidazole ( Fish Zole) and treat his food twice daily. Cut up a 1/4 tablet ( I desolve it in Kent Zoe with a little Garlic Extract ) and soak his food in...
  4. lionpaw38

    Ick medication?

    As long as its a fish only tank. If you are running a reef tank with live rock that would be a no.........will ruin live rock and kill inverts.
  5. lionpaw38

    What is this crap and how do I get rid of it?

    I didnt have a tang....just put in a sailfin and the fox face..add a lawnmower blenny and no more anything...
  6. lionpaw38

    What is this crap and how do I get rid of it?

    I went with the Foxface advice I read about elsewhere..... and he cleaned it right up...spotless.....So if you run into this crap...FOXFACE!!! Woo Hoo
  7. lionpaw38

    What is this crap and how do I get rid of it?

    It is a 30 gallon tank that was a break down from a 125. The rock was in the 125 for about 2 years until I moved it to the 30. It was running for about 90 days then this started to show up. I am setting up a 90 and I wanted to move this to that tank but that aint going to happen until I figure...
  8. lionpaw38

    What is this crap and how do I get rid of it?

    Rock is two years old and this crap shows up...its a vine of some sort........I think..... Thanks
  9. lionpaw38

    125 Complete System For Sale

    Complete system for sale you must disassemble and move. Everything goes together I will not split it up so dont waste the email asking. Located in Port Matilda, Pa. The only reason its going is do to my finances changing or it wouldnt be on here. Included is: 1 60" Odyssea halide with 3X175...
  10. lionpaw38

    Coral Help

    I'm growing increasingly frustrated to the point of giving up on corals. Nothing seems to survive except the pulsing xenia and green mushrooms that I have. This is what I have: 125 Tank 20 gallon sump with Miracle mud and 4 different types of macro algae / plenty of pods also. sump contains the...
  11. lionpaw38

    Feeding time

    I have a little blue bowl I use to presoak food with Garlic Guard. When I dip the bowl half into the water I have a large foxface who will go right into the bowl not waiting for the food to fall out. Makes me paranoid because I'm always afraid of being stuck with one of his dorsal spines...
  12. lionpaw38

    Dissappearing Crabs & Shrimp

    I have the following stocked in a 125 reef tank: 2 stripped damsels 2 yellow damsels 1 brittle star 1 serpent star 2 yellow damsels 1 Kole Tang 1 Hippo tang 1 foxface Pink Tip Anemone Curly tip Anemone 2 Clown fish 1 Skunk Shrimp ( larger) Bar Goby Green Mandarin Lawn Mower Blenny Rusty Clown...
  13. lionpaw38

    Complete 55 Gal setup in Pa.

    I have a very nice setup for sale that needs to be picked up. I have it listed on E B A Y and I will not seperate it so please don't ask. The light pictured is not included and the rest is in great shape. Item number is 7742281478 photos can be seen there. Lighting included ia a 48" Odyssea 260...
  14. lionpaw38

    green stuff on the glass????

    Nerite snails are great at cleaning green algae off the glass.....
  15. lionpaw38

    Are these fish ok?

    He's correct on the Snowflake. Get nothing that will fit in his matter how well you feed him he will eventually get big enough to start sampling your smaller fish. Been there ..done that
  16. lionpaw38

    small flea sized critters?

    Amphipods or Copods...both are a good thing... :cheer:
  17. lionpaw38

    2 Questions

    Thank You......
  18. lionpaw38

    2 Questions

    Recently set up a 120 reef after graduating from a 55 which I still have. What could be better than one reef tank?....two of course :) The new tank has had an explosion of dark brown algae which I never had in the first one. I would guess Ceriths and nerites for the job of cleaning the crap and...
  19. lionpaw38

    120 Gallon fish tank for sale

    Sorry...pd for it Monday and picking it up Saturday. Just in case he doesn't answer you
  20. lionpaw38

    White Spots

    they are on some of my snails also