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  1. sprang

    I will make mad at me for this one!

    Basically the economy sucks right now! I'm sure s.w.f. would love to sell any and everything if they could profit on thier surplus. Problem is people say stuff like I want a chevron tang, but they actually never buy it? Just blows in the wind. I'm a retail manager and I can only speculate what...
  2. sprang

    Never go on vacation!

    I just don't understand how complicated adding water to the tank could have been? I mean it was only a 29 gal. I kinda wonder if she came at all? I can't believe how well the coral is coming back to life,which i'm thankful! This hobby is a little more complex for the average joe I guess? Well I...
  3. sprang

    Never go on vacation!

    Well I got back after 8 days and found all my fish dead, decomposing at the bottom of the tank, and my coral half dead. Both my skimmer and filter were stopped, because the water level was so low. My salinity was .028, and nitrates out of this world, due to the dead fish! The Lady watching my...
  4. sprang

    recent cyno outbreak?

    Yes I just added more, but man how those mexican turbos kill the cyno! It's almost gone in just a couple of days. All hail mi amigos!
  5. sprang

    preventing corals or fish from dying due to high temp

    Run a couple of box fans in the room with your aquarium blowing away from the room. This will help about 80%. Do you have central air? if you have a room a-con you can set it on a timer about every couple hours at 20 minute intervals blowing cold air. either way it should help quite a bit. Also...
  6. sprang

    recent cyno outbreak?

    I've also added a better clean-up crew, but I'd like to get to the source of the problem. The cyno is spungy and doesn't blow off easily, I have to actually pull it off. The mexican turbos like this crap however? I should have left the caluperna in this tank!
  7. sprang

    recent cyno outbreak?

    One of my tanks has been up for about 4 years, and in the last couple months I have had a cynobacteria outbreak that spreads quite quickly. I have done frequent r.o. h2o changes always and not have been overfeeding ect. Nitrates are fairly low as always. I've read that the live sand looses it's...
  8. sprang

    zoos? whats going on?

    I guess I'll try and move them. It's wierd because they will open, but most of the time they are half closed, not completly. They have no symptoms of pox? This is my last shot with zoo's I give up! Funny that of all my coral, zoos are the only coral I can't keep? Too bad I dumped over 200 bucks...
  9. sprang

    reef problems

    Do have any xenia in your tank?
  10. sprang

    zoos? whats going on?

    O.k. so I can't leave well enough alone or give in to failure, so after finding my zoo's stop growing and opening I was told my water quality may not be great, so I added a sump and a new skimmer. Now they look worse. Half the polyps not opening? It's an established tank about 5 years, and all...
  11. sprang

    WTB frags of any kind INDIANAPOLIS area!

    I'm about four hours from chicago.
  12. sprang


    Well you never know, they may have liked your tank better half lit. People are wierd. Of my three tanks they pass the ones with the billions of dollars of coral(l.o.l!) to go look at nemo flopping on a giant cup mushroom in a 7 gallon nano. My friends roll thier eyes when you talk of sps,lps...
  13. sprang

    Acoels flatworms

    I hate to say this, but they are a nightmare to get rid of in my expierience. You will probably have to use f.exit. I didn't try a sixline wrasse, I just heard they probably wouldn't do much to the infestation. Anyway I hope you have better luck. My coral didn't seem to be bothered much, they...
  14. sprang

    WTB frags of any kind INDIANAPOLIS area!

    I live in muncie and I have a xenia overload if you want any? Better yet it's free!!! I really need to rid some of this to add more coral in my tank.
  15. sprang

    snails and my water change

    well your off to a great start. don't worry too much about the clean up crew as the often hated bristle worms will eat most of the left over food. I also use scarlet hermits they are less aggressive. And yes astreas can flip back over!
  16. sprang

    question about no substrate

    Are you running a sump (ref)?
  17. sprang

    snails and my water change

    First I would recommend using astreas instead of turbo snails, as turbos can't right themselves and die. Whoever said the piece about the brittles is right. The black brittles are awesome scavengers but avoid the greens as the will eat your coral. Also I would highly advise you to replace tha...
  18. sprang

    snails and my water change

    No way friend,...leave your fish and inverts in the tank when changing water. They will be fine.
  19. sprang

    Water Condition And Fish Dying Panic

    For one your p.h is too low. What is your filtration? How much live rock do you have? Also your tank is waaaaaaay to small for tangs and butterflys! They may be dying from stress and not your nitrates. I have a 29 and run with 40 pounds live rock (the more the better), a prizm pro and 2 maxi jet...
  20. sprang

    Good fish set-up?

    Hmmmm. ever think about a coral beauty or pygmy angel instead of the Tangs? Just an idea?