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  1. jisushika

    Feather Duster

    eh feather dusters you can just pick them up from the tube. They will retract their feathers, but it shouldn't hurt them. Thats how I moved mine around if I had to
  2. jisushika

    Brittle attacks after two years!

    Originally Posted by Tokey I would get rid of it as soon as possible I have read so many stories of them wiping out whole tanks. I would ban him to your sump if you have one. Do a search on them and you can read all the horror stories your self. Yup, I already took him to the LFS. Anyone know...
  3. jisushika

    Brittle attacks after two years!

    Well finally after a day of being missing, my six line shows up The goatfish has been missing for about a week though and I do feed the brittle chunks of frozen brine shrimp. At night the goatfish would hang out right near the brittle, thats why I think he got eaten during the night?
  4. jisushika

    Brittle attacks after two years!

    I've had my giant green brittle star for about two years now. I got him when he was only a couple inches across and now he is one foot long from arm to arm. In those two years he never touched any fish or inverts. However the past couple weeks I added a six line wrasse and a yellow goatfish...
  5. jisushika

    Anemone/coral options with lighting

    I have a 40 gal with PC lights (96 watt full spectrum white and 96 watt actinic) 192 watts total. So what are my options for anemones and soft corals? I had my tank setup for over a year in a 25 gal and then switched to a 40, but I don't plan on adding anything for a while so I understand my...
  6. jisushika

    Dancing Sally Lightfoot

    Here is a video of a sally crab dancing with music, just kind of cute
  7. jisushika

    Why DAMSELS?

    The only damsel that hasn't been aggressive to anything is my blue velvet, all the other ones have attacked all my other fish. The 3 stripe damsel was the worst and the hardest to get out of the tank! It took me forever to catch that thing.
  8. jisushika

    20 Gallon Tank questions, need advice

    For a 20 gal I think you are at your max for fish, you can add a cleaner shrimp or peppermint and some more crabs, I've had camel shrimp with cleaner shrimp together and they are fine.
  9. jisushika

    How do I know if I have pods?

    They are more active at night time too. I look at my tank at night with a flashlight when the lights are off and I see them everywhere
  10. jisushika

    How Do You Pronounce Your Username?

    Jesh-ka, my name is Jessica and thats how you say it/spell in Japanese.
  11. jisushika

    Fish compatability

    The hawkfish do get territorial and in a 30 gal with those fish already in it, I would advise against it even if you could keep the water parameters stable, JMO He might pick on the shrimp too.
  12. jisushika

    anemone problem deflating

    I had a sebae for about a year and condis and other sabaes in my old tanks and I never noticed it
  13. jisushika

    Photos of your dogs

    My beagle Tobey at about a year old
  14. jisushika

    Music Thread

    erm, j-pop, k-pop, Ayumi Hamasaki, Se7en, Shinhwa, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Takashi Fuji, Jinusean and ...Linkin Park
  15. jisushika

    anemone problem deflating

    Originally Posted by smartorl They will deflate when they are digesting food and when they poop. Pretty normal unless it gets drastic and it doesn't reinflate. Really? I've never even seen my anemones do that before
  16. jisushika

    Fish compatability

    I think its just too much for the bio load. The more fish you have in a smaller tank the harder it is to keep the water parameters good since more fish=more ammonia.
  17. jisushika

    Berghia Nudibranch

    I was going to try to get a couple berghia nudibranch for my aiptasia problem, but I've heard you have to cover up power heads so they won't get sucked in? And what do you feed them after they eat the aiptasia?
  18. jisushika

    diatoms on LR and a little on the sand

    For diatom algae I like cerith snails Mine are almost always on the rock eating the algae and so far they have done a pretty good job getting the rock clean
  19. jisushika

    anemone problem deflating

    hmm I don't think thats how long has the tank been setup for?
  20. jisushika

    you're favorite fish

    Originally Posted by ccampbell57 Are you sure it isnt your aiptasia forrest?