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  1. calvindo

    Thurday 6-pak

    good lord... what camera did you use to take those pictures? awesome shots!
  2. calvindo

    New aquascaping...rate

    Originally posted by lionfish12 i agree that it is too much rock but its his tank and he can do what he wants with it. LOL ummmm, kpk wanted some feedbacks. so we gave him some. None of us said anything bad about his set up.
  3. calvindo

    New aquascaping...rate

    too much lr :D go with jokers recommendation.
  4. calvindo


    it really looks like it.
  5. calvindo

    mh lights

    yes, that should be fine. keep in mine lighting is not the only thing that cause algea. do you use ro water? how about your clean up crew?
  6. calvindo

    mh lights

    try cutting down on your mh.
  7. calvindo

    Trip to the LFS and wow "Black Tips"

    nice shot escape :) we should partner up and sell sharks. hehehe I fish in the San Francisco bay and we catch sharks all the time, not to mention sting rays the size of a coffee table. The one shark that havent caught my line are the Great White sharks. There is an aquarium near where i live...
  8. calvindo

    mh lights

    mine is on 6 hours, vho on for 7
  9. calvindo

    Painting in the house w/ yer tank

    i recently had my house repainted. your tank should be okay, imo... just dont let the painter use paint spray. i had them brush the entire house. keep all the windows open to air out the house. you should be doing that anyways.
  10. calvindo

    New reef safe King Angel

    BLAH BLAH BLAH... his money, his tank. he can do whatever he wants. besides.... with a tank looking like that... jarman knows what he's doing. Jamnan, ya got a nice fish there. i'm sure he'll be fine.
  11. calvindo

    selling my tank.

    San Jose, 30 minutes from San Francisco
  12. calvindo

    selling my tank.

    i'm selling my 125G tank with everything in it. local pick up only... anyone interested, let me know. thanks!
  13. calvindo

    Add to my water?

    dont add anything until you test your levels. a good salt mix should do the job for you. if your not using oceanic salt, you should give it a try. i rarely ever have to adjust my levels, using this salt mix
  14. calvindo

    Acclimating my new light.

    why would you have to acclimate lights? hehehe :hilarious
  15. calvindo

    500 gal reef converted to 850gal reef

    WOW!!! holy cow, talking about eye candy! i get goose bumps just looking at your equipment. :eek: a definate dream tank! how much does it cost you to keep the tank running?
  16. calvindo

    I have completely lost my mind!!

    Originally posted by lovethesea name is Lovethesea and I am a fishaholic LOL too funny
  17. calvindo

    Aiptasia war Zone

    believe it or not... i actually tried to buy a few aptasia when first started with this hobby. luckily lfs says "you dont want that" heheheehe
  18. calvindo


    Anyone here place bets on nfl games? i need some hot picks :D
  19. calvindo

    Best Salt?

    oceanic for me! i rarely dose my tank with alk or ca these days. plus the jugs are excellent to use for top offs
  20. calvindo


    off topic, but is is soooo hot in cali today, almot 100 degrees how's the weather where your at?