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  1. escape2thewater

    FS 75g complete FOWLR system - SW FL

    48" x 18" x 21" 75gal Perfecto Tank & Stand, Oak Finish, 20gal Acrylic Sump, Overflow Box, Mag 9.5 Return Pump, Berlin Turbo Skimmer, HOB Filter (in addition to Wet/Dry Filter) N.O. lighting, Glass Lids, Lots of LS & LR. $300.00, Local Pickup Only, Please. Cape Coral, FL.
  2. escape2thewater

    75gal FOWLR system

    75g Perfecto tank & stand, Oak Finish, Wetdry w/HOB Overflow, Berlin Turbo Skimmer, Mag 9.5 Return, Lots of LS & LR, Glass Tops, NO 48" Lighting, Emperor HOB filter comes with tank in addition to Wetdry. Selling because my eel is outgrowing the tank! $350 takes it all, local pickup only please...
  3. escape2thewater

    WTB: 75 or 90 Gallon in FL

    75 gal system FS in Cape Coral, about an hour & a half south of you. tank, stand, wet/dry, skimmer, pumps, etc. Let me know if your interested.
  4. escape2thewater

    FS 75g complete FOWLR system - SW FL

    a couple pics:
  5. escape2thewater

    FS 75g complete FOWLR system - SW FL

    Originally Posted by lastresort Could you send me some pics please. you've got mail.
  6. escape2thewater

    FS 75g complete FOWLR system - SW FL

    75g perfecto tank & stand, glass lids, 48" N.O. lighting, overflow box, wet/dry filter, berlin turbo skimmer, mag9.5 return pump, lots of LS and LR, system up and running still. Currently has tesse eel in tank, eel FS too! local pickup only, cape coral, FL. all or nothing, will not part out...
  7. escape2thewater

    Current Prime Chiller 1/3HP

    You have a bid.
  8. escape2thewater

    Current Prime Chiller 1/3HP

    I will buy it if its still available. Please let me know.
  9. escape2thewater

    FS or Trade: 3' Tesse Eel

    Healthy and active! Hes just getting too big for his tank and I dont want to buy a bigger tank right now. Make offer, Local Pickup please. Email me with any questions you may have. Pics avail. Cape Coral, FL (SW FL Area)
  10. escape2thewater

    55 gal For Sale SW FL, $50.00.

    used glass 55 gal perfecto FS in Cape Coral, FL. (48" x 12.5" x 21") Good condition, I bought it to make a sump but I ended up getting an acrylic tank instead. Local pickup only, no shipping please. The first $50 bucks takes it! or 239-560-0606. Escape
  11. escape2thewater

    Another Drilling question

    Originally Posted by chosen1608 get yourself an un-tempered piece of glass cut to fit with the hole drilled in, use a razor and cut out the tepered end panel and replace it with the new panel, then re-silicone it. It should not cost more than a few bucks. That's what I did. Thats a GREAT...
  12. escape2thewater

    Another Drilling question

    I called Perfecto today, they said all of thier 55g tanks have all 5 panels tempered. So im outta luck, back to the drawing board. Escape
  13. escape2thewater

    picture request: looking for pics of external pumps on a drilled glass sump

    Originally Posted by xhappyx i'm setting up my new tank. i have gotten my 30g tank drilled so i can run external pumps... my concern is that any vibration from the pump would stress and crack the tank... thanks.. tom I am in the same situation, I have been told to run spa flex hose to help...
  14. escape2thewater

    Another Drilling question

    It has an orange tag with an anchor on it that says "built by ____ June 01". And the tempered glass sticker, thats it. It looks just like some perfecto tanks I have though. Im gonna guess its a perfecto. Thanks for the info, I guess I need to give them a call. Escape
  15. escape2thewater

    Another Drilling question

    Originally Posted by sarwiz100 First, make sure it is NOT tempered, then to reduce/ eliminate vibration, use flex hose to plumb it. Some 55s , I have heard, are all tempered glass. You could use a short piece of flex, say 3-6 inches long. Just make sure you have a nice smooth drill job. Its...
  16. escape2thewater

    Another Drilling question

    I just picked up a used 55g today to make a sump. Can I drill out the end panel to plumb my external return pump to it that way? Im kinda concerned about vibration from the pump causing the glass to crack, should I be worried? Escape
  17. escape2thewater

    metal halid lighting survey

    On 120g reef I run 2x250w MH Radiums & 4x110w VHO URI's super actinics. vho on at 1pm MH on at 2pm MH off at 9pm vho off 11pm I replace the vho's around 8 months MH about once a year. I do NOT have a PAR meter but I can tell when its time on my tank. You can defrinately see a difference when you...
  18. escape2thewater

    What Type of Power Head Should I Get?

    if you go with a powerhead then get maxi-jet900's. Lots of flow, quiet & energy efficient. If you are interested in a closed loop, which I also reccomend and use, then do a search on them, you should find lots of useful info. Heres a pic of a common design that many are using. Cheap & easy to...
  19. escape2thewater

    retro-fit Metal halides to wood canopy?

    Its fine to do it that way. Ive had it set up like that on 2 different canopies over the past 3 years with no issues. And the 250w are the way to go IMO. Escape
  20. escape2thewater

    return pump

    Whatever gph hour you decide to go with out of the listed pumps I would go with the Iwaki, then the quiet one, then mag drive last. You could also get a sequence pump for even better quality. Escape