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  1. tahoe ocean

    how to frag a tree coral!

    Tree corals are fairly easy to frag. Mine drops branches all the time and saves me the hassle. I just dropped a batch of frags off to a store about 1 1/2 hours away and they are doing great. They say that they usually sell out of them within a day or two after I give them a batch. I generally...
  2. tahoe ocean

    White thingys everywhere!, ID please

    I get them everywhere. They snail eggs. Nerites is what I have that look exactly like that. Congratulations! You're a grandparent!
  3. tahoe ocean

    Fragging Kenya Tree Coral?

    My Kenya drops a few branches each month and basically frags itself. If it's getting overgrown, then I prune the branches back and drop them into the rubble pile. They take about a week to attach to rubble and then I give them away to whoever will take them. My kenya is very aggressive, I have...
  4. tahoe ocean

    Somethings eating my xenia!

    My flame is a nipper, too. As long as I keep her busy with strips of nori, she leaves everything alone. The day she doesn't get what she wants, she'll pick my brain. I think she's got me trained. fortunately the brain gets irritated, but not harmed.
  5. tahoe ocean

    Somethings eating my xenia!

    What fish are in your tank? Some dwarf angels eat xenia, so do damsels. I had a nasty little blue damsel who I had to finally give away once I got xenia. She mowed it down.
  6. tahoe ocean

    Anyone ordered the ricordea from here?

    That's what mine look like. And they've been splitting and spreading. Good luck!
  7. tahoe ocean

    Anyone ordered the ricordea from here?

    I got an order several months ago and now they are all over the place! I'm thinking that I'm going to have to start fragging them now. I highly recommend them.
  8. tahoe ocean

    I can't wait! Yeah!

    Nope, I couldn't decide so I let the kids pick. They liked the Rusty. Although the green one is also very cool looking! If I go to bed now (4:30pacific) then tomorrow will come sooner right???? Ahhh, I'm too excited to sleep! :joy:
  9. tahoe ocean

    I can't wait! Yeah!

    I hate waiting for my order! I love getting new creatures! I just ordered with my brother and I am getting a clown gobie! I also ordered a couple emerald crabs. I'll get the chance to see if they are as good at eating red bubble algae as they are at eating the green. Sorry, no question, just...
  10. tahoe ocean

    Fragging shrooms.. .. .. .. have a few ?'s

    I have never tried it, but I was told that you can use Frag Glue to glue them to the walls of the tank. Any time I've used the glue, the shrooms sort of slime up and slip off it. Your best bet would be rubble or course sand bits with net over the top. I use a very small ziploc disposable...
  11. tahoe ocean

    Reef Fish with personality?

    There are so many personalities to choose from! I really do recommend tank bred clowns. They have a great long lifespan. My tomato clown is in not the typical tomato personality: She's mellow and friendly. I have no doubt that if she could get out and play with us, she would. Can you imagine...
  12. tahoe ocean

    Embarassing questions on Corals

    Mushrooms either move VERY slowly and leave bits of foot behind to grow new mushrooms, or they detach and float to a different spot. Other than shrooms, I don't know any corals that "move". My Kenya Tree coral will occasionally drop a branch and the baby branch grows into a new tree! I have at...
  13. tahoe ocean

    xenia quick question

    Xenia has been labeled a "poor shipper" by some salespeople, the site you mentioned even said they are difficult to acclimate. They listed both float and drip acclimation procedures. Just as a note to future purchases, I have personally had much better success with the drip acclimation...
  14. tahoe ocean

    xenia quick question

    how did you acclimate it? my xenia slimes like crazy if I frag it.
  15. tahoe ocean

    Open Brain not looking Well PIC inside

    let's see if this one works:
  16. tahoe ocean

    Open Brain not looking Well PIC inside

    I'm trying to attach the pic, but after our computer crashed and we had to start over, I no longer have the program for photos that I was most comfy with. Resizing is tough on the new one.
  17. tahoe ocean

    Open Brain not looking Well PIC inside

    Actually, he fit into a cup shaped area of the live rock. I didn't have to glue him. I honestly don't know if I could ever get him out though, he's huge now.
  18. tahoe ocean

    Open Brain not looking Well PIC inside

    My brain was doing well until I put a bicolor angel in the tank. She started to pick on him. I moved him to a place where my tomato clown was hanging out in my mushroom and she kept the angel away from him. I was also worried about moving him off the bottom and to a little cup like area on the...
  19. tahoe ocean

    Purple bubble algae?

    I also had the purple bubble algae. It was a slow grower in my tank, but once I got an ID, I took the rock I could see it on out and used a steak knife to carve it out of the rock. I even took some rock with it. I found a little one on my powerhead and took it out and gouged away some of the...
  20. tahoe ocean

    Where's Waldo?

    Good! Congratulations!