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  1. sterling

    Basket starfish

    Oh bummer......good luck....
  2. sterling

    10,000 miniture feather dusters

    OK, that's good to know! Guess my fish are fed to well! Thanks.
  3. sterling

    10,000 miniture feather dusters

    I'd trade some to people but I think they're pretty delicate.....anyone had experience with these?
  4. sterling

    10,000 miniture feather dusters

    Or close to that number, these are growing in my refugium.....
  5. sterling

    Sponge growing over stuff are some pics of the sponge I'm speaking of...
  6. sterling

    Sponge growing over stuff

    Should I be concerned about some sort of sponge that is starting to creep around and grow on alot of my LR? One 5" round piece of rock as it growing all over it and the sponge is actually growing on the side of the overflow that the rock is leaning against. This sponge looks like a creeping...
  7. sterling

    Putting Faces to the Names

    Me........well sort of, maybe 30 years ago........................actually it's my daughter.....
  8. sterling

    Just some pics

    I love looking thru the side ends of the tank....
  9. sterling

    Who likes Star Polyps?

    Where in Northern Indiana are you......I'm going to Auburn Indiana tomorrow, 3/10 and driving back home on the 11th, I have some green striped mushroom polyps and my giant leather split itself and I have a couple small sections of that available.
  10. sterling

    1/4 HP Via Aqua chiller for sale, never used

    Still available...
  11. sterling

    Heniochus reef safe?

    Be careful with the Copperband if you have feather dusters, they love them!
  12. sterling

    can you keep any 2 angels?

    I have a 225 and my flame angel beats the c**p out of any other angel I have tried.
  13. sterling

    My Tang tank

    The powder blue was added a couple of months ago, he was last tang to go in, he got beat up a little, but now is one of the gang.
  14. sterling

    My Tang tank

    I don't know what kind of anthia it is, but that's one of the girls, there are two girls, and one male who is more pinkish colored.
  15. sterling

    My Tang tank

    My camera is really crummy, this is the best shot I could get, the only tang missing is the Kole.
  16. sterling

    My Tang tank

    So my 225 gallon reef is now what I would officially call a "Tang Tank", although there are other fish too. My list of tangs is: Chevron, Kole, Sailfin, Powder Blue and two tiny Hippos. The hippos are great, I bought them together and I'm assuming they are probably siblings because there were...
  17. sterling

    1/4 HP Via Aqua chiller for sale, never used

    $300.00, Via Aqua 1/4 HP, 240 watt chiller. Never been used, so basically brand new. This is HEAVY, so no shipping, local pick up only. I'm located in NW suburbs of Chicago.
  18. sterling

    My 2 cents worth on Ich...

    I'm not a mod, or even claim to be an expert on anything, but for the past several years I've enjoyed this salt water hobby tremendously. I started with salt tanks 30 years ago (the Stone Ages in saltwater fish tanks), gave it up for many years and then got back into it about 8 years ago. I...
  19. sterling

    The Dreaded Ich

    I've got Ich in my tank and I don't worry about it any more......I gave up freaking out and trying to catch, quarantine and treat the infected fish......I feed them healthy, garlic-laced food, keep the water parameters in a normal, healthy range, put a couple of cleaner shrimp and neon gobies in...
  20. sterling

    basket starfish???

    Geeeeezzzzz, I just noticed this was posted in the "Newbie" section.....ouch!