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  1. blemmy_guy

    Live Brine Shrimp From the LPS

    Yes you can, and there easy as heck to hatch out on your own. But you need a really good supply of Pods for the Mandarin to do really well. You can usually get them from your local fish store also. Good luck Todd
  2. blemmy_guy

    Alkalinity problem

    Thanx Bang! Long time no see.. ANd i stopped useing the buffer for now, and will only use it as needed from now on. i just read a really good article about buffer and how its over used. Thanx again Todd
  3. blemmy_guy

    trying out different skimmers

    Have you checked on the Aqua-C Remora line of HOB's I have themon 3 different tanks and Love them. Todd
  4. blemmy_guy

    Alkalinity problem

    Thanx for the respones. and its mEq/L, and the calcium is at 460.. Which is way too high!! And i use buffer most the time but im afraid it will cause the alkalinity too high? i made a 10 gal water change 2 days ago and it made very little difference. and i Did not use buffer on that water.Thanx...
  5. blemmy_guy


    Its always a good idea to get supplemental lights. You can have the actinics come on a couple hours before the MH, and stay on a couple hours after the MH's for the dusk to dawn effect. Todd
  6. blemmy_guy

    Shroom Care

    Yea sometimes if there not under Metal Halide then you put them under it they will regress or can even die off.But Shrooms are tuff just givbe them a little time. Good luck! Todd
  7. blemmy_guy

    Alkalinity problem

    My Ph is 8.2 but my alkalinity isw 5.5, I use ro/di water and it reads 0 so what is wrong and what do i do to fix it.??? Thanx Todd
  8. blemmy_guy

    Brown Spot on Green Brittlestar

    i had one do that one time too, but sadly he died a few months later. Does it look healthy other than the spot? And by the way Howdy Mud!! Long time no see!! Todd
  9. blemmy_guy

    New Light??

    Like jpc said, 65 tall is deep, so t-5s are Great light, but wont get enough pentration for the depth you will have, but if you want your corals, that need more light, to stay toward the top of the tank, then it would be ok, but they are a great light, and if you just want softies your good to...
  10. blemmy_guy

    need some input on MH

    Usually the legs that come with the lights, are the perfect height! :)
  11. blemmy_guy

    Mandarin dragonet

    I love that word " Ponder " ! Todd
  12. blemmy_guy

    Dead Inverts

    Yes i have double checked it for copper, havnt added any new fish. And no sea hares, its pretty mucha fowlr at this point, and its looking bad with No clean up crew. Ill try the water change although i do a 20 % monthly on it. And im extremely carefull about Not getting water from lfs in my...
  13. blemmy_guy

    Mandarin dragonet

    do all water,there amphibious. I have both a green madaran and a red scooter blenny in my 70 gal. Once you have enough pods in your tank, they should reproduce enough so you wont have to keep adding them. Good luck Todd
  14. blemmy_guy

    Dead Inverts

    Nope there dieing in less than 30 minutes, its just about got to be chemical of some sorts? Todd
  15. blemmy_guy

    Mandarin dragonet

    Yes , definatley, if they have enough food. I have had mine for 2 yrs in my 70 gal, no problems. Todd
  16. blemmy_guy

    Dead Inverts

  17. blemmy_guy

    Dead Inverts

    The tank is 3 yrs old,never had any problems like this, salinity is kept at 1.024, ph at 8.2 to 8.3, temp 80 degrees, trates and trites at 0, amonia at o, Phos. at 0.1 calcium about 440. I do a weekly 5 gal water change, protein skimmer, wet/dry filtration, no carbon, 175 lbs live rock 125 lbs...
  18. blemmy_guy

    Dead Inverts

    on my 125 gal tank, rescently i noticed all my snails, crabs and shrimp were dieing off, i thought it might be a rogue fish. Well i replaced several snails with out a thought to it. Next day they were all dead. So i checked every chemical known to man, starting with Copper, even though ive never...
  19. blemmy_guy

    210 Tank Pics of New Rock and Corals 10.13.06

    Thats an awesome reef tank! I love the way you have your ro/di unit under the tank too.! Todd
  20. blemmy_guy

    Fish sood question

    Would feeding Saltwater fish Fresh water food cause problems with the fish's health?? Thanx Todd