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  1. jb rekit

    Sump Designs

    Here was my old 210 gal sump I built when I was in Fort Worth. It was 8' long. Had to get rid of it when I moved to Houston since I decided to put the tank at the office. I'm about to make a new sump to go underneath my 180g reef.
  2. jb rekit

    Sump Designs

    How big is it going to be? I'd try and incorporate a refugium into it if you could.
  3. jb rekit

    Cooking rock to rid mojano

    I'm thinking a combination of methods might be in order. And when I said "cooking" I mainly just meant putting them in a dark trashcan with water and a small pump and a heater. Not intended to kill the LR, just wanting to have the mojanos move off trying to find light. If I can get a few...
  4. jb rekit

    Cooking rock to rid mojano

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy Why not just scrape them off the rock instead of killing everything in or on your live rock? I tried that a time or two in the past and it worked successfully on the ones on the outer part of the rock, but a lot of them stick their base in a small crevasse or nook...
  5. jb rekit

    Cooking rock to rid mojano

    Thanks - Even with the lid mentioned to create darkness with a place for them to migrate above it wouldn't do much good? I thought I had heard of people creating a dark environment and then having all the anemones traveling towards the top to try and get to light. But, this is why I asked. If...
  6. jb rekit

    Cooking rock to rid mojano

    dbl post
  7. jb rekit

    Cooking rock to rid mojano

    Got some mojano on some LR a few yrs ago and now it is all over the tank. Rubbing up against the base of corals etc. My plan is to take out all the rock that doesn't have coral on it and put it in trash cans with the lid on to keep it dark. Then put the clean rock back in the tank and try to...
  8. jb rekit

    What is this?

    I can't tell from the pic, but if the rock it is on does not have a coral attached to it, you can take the rock out without popping the bubble and remove it in a bucket and rinse the rock off good before putting it back in your tank. You can hold the rock upside down so if you do pop it, it...
  9. jb rekit

    ID please

    From those two pics, I would say it is some kind of aptaisa.
  10. jb rekit

    What is this?

    Looks like bubble algae. Don't pop it or the spores will spread it all over you tank.
  11. jb rekit

    Euroreef CS6-2+ Rating

    I'd go with one of the CS 12 models for that size tank. Either the 12-1 or preferably the 12-2
  12. jb rekit

    What Steps to Follow When Upgrading Tank

    If you can salvage a majority of your water and use the same filters etc, then you should be able to put everything in right away. Just monitor the water conditions and have mixed water ready just in case you need to do a small waterchange. This is how I moved into my new tank a little over...
  13. jb rekit

    good Saturday mornin'...

  14. jb rekit

    good Saturday mornin'...

  15. jb rekit

    I got this freebie and don't know what it is. Help please.

    I have both and don't feed either one. They grow plenty fast for me;)
  16. jb rekit

    need diy canopy plans for 90

    I agree that it would be easier, faster and look better just making a new one from scratch than it would to try and modify what you already have.
  17. jb rekit

    125 Gallon 8 Month Birthday

    That feather star is awesome Nice tank pics as well
  18. jb rekit

    Acyrlic on Glass.

    put a bead of silicone on both sides of the acrylic on the glass. It won't stick to the acrylic well, but it will stay put on the glass so the divider won't move. Just cut your piece of acrylic so that it makes a tight fit. Thats what I have always done and it hasn't failed on any of my 4...
  19. jb rekit

    Lighting Suggestions?

    You can keep all the softies you want under that lighting. LPS will need to be placed close to the surface of your tank, and SPS would be out of the question.
  20. jb rekit

    What type of silicon

    I have always used the GE 100% silicone from Home depot. It doesn't really matter what brand you use, just make sure it is 100% silicone.