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  1. litoallie

    Multiple pairs of clowns in the same tank?

    I'm definitely going to try doing that as well. I'm going to upgrade to a 125g in a month ( waiting on stand ) and I'm dying to grab a pair of picasso percs in addition to the pair of percs I have in my tank. Also, I really really want a pair of clarkii or ocellaris.. let me know how it goes!!
  2. litoallie

    WTB: Tubbs and rainbows

    I'm interested in buying some nice size tubb blues and rainbow zoanthids. Preferably 10+ polyps. Please post pictures and pm me.
  3. litoallie

    Zoas / Yumas For Sale

    Do you have any tubbs and eagle eyes left?
  4. litoallie


    Can you keep them in a reef tank with fishes?!
  5. litoallie

    Loose Shrooms

    Great!! I'd take some too!! 29607
  6. litoallie


    I would love to trade, but you might not be interested with my beginner stuff. I'll take a pic tomorrow when my zoa's open up.
  7. litoallie


    Yes, it is normal. I just bought 2 purple firefish and they are doing the same thing. As soon as they see my other fishes, they dart back to their "caves". I'm sure they just need to get use to their surroundings.
  8. litoallie

    All my fish are dying, this sucks.

    I don't really think you need the calcium test- it's mainly for corals (my opinion). You might want to check on the phosphates, that could be why you have a crazy algae problem.
  9. litoallie

    Help! Mystery illness is killing my tank

    Also, Ich has a 28 days life cycle, but it definitely does not going away on it's own. Ich can make your fish stop eating and can make your fish scratch itself on rocks in attempt to try to get it off it's skin. When you first see Ich, it can attach itself on it's host for a few days before it...
  10. litoallie

    Help! Mystery illness is killing my tank

    Ok, first off, does your clown look like he/she have sand or salt or white spots all over him/her? If not, it is not ich. If the clown looks ok now, I personally, will not move it to a hospital tank- you might stress him out some more and he may go be more vulnerable to diseases. At this point...
  11. litoallie

    Yellow Belly Hippo

    ohh.. I really want a yellow belly too...good luck with yours!
  12. litoallie

    More frags for sale.

    I'd love to get some zoas... how many polyps are on the eagle eyes and radio active dragon eyes?
  13. litoallie

    WTB Green bubble coral, Torch coral and Eagle eyes zoa

    WTB: Green bubble coral, Torch and eagle eye zoas. Please post picture and price to 29607
  14. litoallie

    For Sale In Oregon>>>>>>>

    will you ship?
  15. litoallie

    what would this be worth

    Originally Posted by majormaz hey that was just a need to roll your eyes at me
  16. litoallie

    what would this be worth

    hundreds...200? 230?
  17. litoallie

    Juvenile Hippo Tang not eating

    I've heard that they eat phytoplankton so it's really hard to get them to eat real food.
  18. litoallie


    oooooh I'd love to be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
  19. litoallie

    Killer peppermint shrimp"S".

    Yea, I'm going to wait for another week till my dad comes and try to construct a trap for me to get those p. shrimps out. They just took a big tentacle off my frogspawn..I'm going to kick their little butts...