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  1. overanalyzer

    nano for clownfish

    Originally Posted by clownfish9 could you fit a neon blue goby with the 2 clowns? No and I'd think two clowns would be pushing your water quality limits as well. I'd suggest a 20 gallon as the smallest for a pair of clowns. After rock and substrate you are lucky to have 1/2 the water volume...
  2. overanalyzer

    my 20g 2 weeks old

    you a going through another mini-cycle because you added such a large bioload all at once (two clowns in a 20). I would think your numbers wil lstay in check BUT you may have some of the traditional algea cycle outbreaks - try a couple of well prepared water changes and siphon out the diatomes...
  3. overanalyzer

    my 20g 2 weeks old

    looks good though I think 2 clowns should be your max - easier to keep water quality in check!
  4. overanalyzer

    Is it ok to add a perc or maroon clown?

    the other thing to do is when you introduce the smaller clown of hte same species (what exactly do you mean african clown??) put it in a breeder's tank inside your main tank to let the two get used to each other. This will minimize the fighting and allow the fish toget acclimated without...
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    do anemines sting

    Originally posted by asdf i was wondering if you ccould touch an anemoni because i heard anaminies sting. all anemone's sting. :eek: Whether you feel it or not depends on the type. It is best to not shove your hand into an anemone as it disrupts their normal mucus production. If you have...
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    true and false clown?

    Originally posted by ViPeR_930 Clownfish can mate between two different species and produce fry. while this is possible it is not probable. color is not a true identifier - you need to count anal and dorsal fin spines. If they match up they are the same .... easiest way to count - get two...
  7. overanalyzer

    clowns in a nano?

    Originally posted by bigarn I respect your opinion bronco, but I'm doing it, as well as alot of other nanoers'. It's proven to be fine, they don't require alot of real estate to stake out. :D I'd say one - if you want a pair go with a 20
  8. overanalyzer

    Deer hunting

    Originally posted by Bang Guy Grilled Goose [hr] sliced on a roll looks & tastes just like a nice Roast Beef Sandwich :D Whatever it takes to stop them from dropping on my car .... stuff does not wash off very easily.....
  9. overanalyzer

    Deer hunting

    I am not a hunter at all (never got into it) but man I wish people around here would harvest a bunch more - we have deer in our back yard and I see them nightly on my 10 minute drive home .... don't even get me started on the canadian geese .... might take up hunting just so I can blast them...
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    Update...Ranger in trouble

    Originally posted by Offshore80 your dealing with liberals and gun control freaks. Actually the 2nd amendment is a very simple statement: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."...
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    Fish for 5

    Originally posted by danielfish Would i be able to house a Hi Fin Red Banded Goby in A 5 gal?? Yeah I'd say watch out though as they are leapers. I had a hi-finned prawn goby in a 5 with a clown goby. No problems but the shrimp goby took a leap during a massive thunderstorm/tornado event...
  12. overanalyzer

    Hungry Mouths

    Originally posted by ryand overanalyzer what side of Des Moines do you live on if you live on the northern side i might come to visit you every now and then^_^:jumping: :joy: :yes: Talk a bout a month late ... I am on the west side of des moines - urbandale ....
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    regular green shrooms?? :notsure: do you have a QT?? If so I'd put it in there first .....
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    You might be able to get a 20 gallon cutom made in acrylic for a bow front. I've seen some glass ones at *****/petsmart type places - I think they are 26 gallons. Good luck. In some ways you have more to worry about in a small tank but once it is all running it will :happy:
  15. overanalyzer

    Cycling an Nano

    I'd put some food in the water to help speed up the cycle. I would not change the water until right before your first inhabitants go in. Good luck and keep us posted!!
  16. overanalyzer

    What do you do for a living???

    Originally posted by DVS Im an Office Manager for an HVAC company on Nantucket. I once knew a man from Nantucket He had a ..... Never mind
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    Kyoto Treaty

    bump - no one cares to save the reefs or reply to this??
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    Originally posted by Bang Guy (3 Parties would be a LOT better) and if either party gets a true majority (2/3rds +) I believe it will be the ruin of the country. Amen! 3 or even four evenly represented parties would be great much beyond that you get too fractured and parties starting...
  19. overanalyzer

    crushed coral

    Originally posted by sloppymel i just bought crushed coral for my tank. is it any good?:happyfish depends - what size tank and what are your plans - some folks like it and some hate it ... personally I'd never use it as you need ot vacuum it and clean it regularly!
  20. overanalyzer

    Coral Book

    Originally posted by RobChuck "Book of Coral Propagation" by Anthony Calfo EXCELLENT READ!! writes for all levels!