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  1. cubuffs

    Fantasy Football Name

    I need a good fantasy football name. Any suggestions?
  2. cubuffs

    Trading in denver.

    I have sps only. If you have any rare sps, I will trade!
  3. cubuffs

    Reef Safe Angel

    watanabei, joculator, pygmy angels, are all reef safe among others. Stay away from the flame angels, coral beauty, and most of the larger angels. I do have two in my reef, but it is sps only. I have the goldflake, and the regal angel
  4. cubuffs

    help with kalk reactor!!!!

    I have a deltec km500 for sale. Email me if interested at I am asking $350 shipped.
  5. cubuffs

    Mandarin Dragonet - Green

    I have 2 male madarin's in my 180 reef currently. They do fight every once in a while, but they cannot be without each other as well.
  6. cubuffs

    heard of PRODIBIO

    It is what I call "poor person's zeovit." It is essentially force feeding your corals, giving them the best color possible. You need to utilize the basic 4 in order to achieve your desired results. I use it, and I have seen amazing results. You can view the many posts on ****** and ********...
  7. cubuffs

    Good Skimmer????

    I have a BK300 EXT (bubble King) skimmer for sale. I am asking $2400 (paid $2700).
  8. cubuffs

    72" Coralife HQI fixture - Boulder, CO

    The fixture is SOLD. I will be shipping it out once the paypal payment is cleared. Everythign is packed, and will be sent out soon. Thanks again.
  9. cubuffs

    72" Coralife HQI fixture - Boulder, CO

    It is a complete fixture. I cannot do $500 + shipping. I have over $1000 in the fixture and it is still 3 months old! New Price is $550 + shipping or $550 picked up.
  10. cubuffs

    Wtb: Large Pump

    I have a sequence hammerhead pump for sale. It produces 5800 gph and 1/3 horsepower. It is 3 months old, used for 6 hours a day, and want $260 shipped. They retail for $300+
  11. cubuffs

    72" Coralife HQI fixture - Boulder, CO

    lol....I am glad to see the grouper again. I hope that he is doing well. Thanks for the pic!
  12. cubuffs

    72" Coralife HQI fixture - Boulder, CO

    Please send me an email to discuss further.
  13. cubuffs

    72" Coralife HQI fixture - Boulder, CO

    Hello, I upgraded my lighting and will need to sell my 3 month old 72" coralife HQI fixture. The fixture retails for $1000 at the LFS, and $850 online + shipping. I am asking $650 obo for it. Please look at the link for more information. http://www.***********.com/md_viewI...product=ES53510 I...
  14. cubuffs

    WTB: Tunze wavebox

    If anyone has one that they are willing to part with, let me know!
  15. cubuffs

    Recommend Pumps for 180G

    Sequence are good pumps. Since sound is not a factor, Iwaki has the best reputation within the hobby and that is why I promoted this pump. Since you are going with 2 pumps, you could get away with just the 70's. Since I have sps, I need extra flow, but for lps corals, the 70's would work just...
  16. cubuffs

    Recommend Pumps for 180G

    For my 180, I have an iwaki pump, 2 tunze 6100, 7095 multicontroller, and a wavebox. This supplies a lot of flow. All in all, I spent about $1800 on this setup mentioned. I do would like to promote the iwaki pump. They are extremely reliable, and have a good reputation. Hope that this helps!