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  1. njfish77

    Coraline algea

    Go online. Buy salifert Mag Cal and Alk test kit. Buy b-ionic mag calc and alk buffer Get it in the mail and test water. Dose accordingly to dosing ESV calculator is needed dosing.
  2. njfish77

    Think it would be okay for me to add another clown?

    If the clowns been in the tank for around 2 months it should be a female. If so try and get a clown in size range of 1-2 inches. This may work but not a gaurantee as all mating isnt a gaurantee.
  3. njfish77

    Help me with a 10 gal nano reef

    Why set up a small tank to practice when there harder than large tanks?
  4. njfish77

    Free Crab To Good Home.

    i have a good idea instead of trying to find the thing a home just flush it. Its a non-reef safe crab who wants that?
  5. njfish77

    newest additions

    Forget anemones. they move to much especially in small tanks. Do have lighting for it anyways?
  6. njfish77

    Setuping up a 10g?

    just take everything it comes with out and just put some rubble and cheato in there and use the light clipped on the side to grow it. Theres some threads on other sites so just search around.
  7. njfish77

    newest additions

    how bout this bring the anemone back and get credit and if you cant get credit give it to them for free becaue it was very stupid to get him. Get anither hardy species of coral and call it a day for about two weeks and then think about getting a fish.
  8. njfish77

    Setuping up a 10g?

    subonidio what laungage are you speakin? thats some crazy grammer you have there. anyway look just go out get an aqaucleat 70 and turn it into a fuge. get a small bakpak skimmer. thats it. there just damsels dont go crazy over em, i woulda flushed em
  9. njfish77

    common question

    well if your getting percs like you said try a ritteri or carpet anemone. those anemones are there true hosts in the wild. i would add the pair maybe a couple days before you get the anemone so there not so used to not having one. if possible try and find a pair thats already hosting in an...
  10. njfish77

    Live Rock Problems

    there called mantis shrimp.they wont kill everything in the tank just mostly all snails, hermits, fish it can get its hands doesnt mess with corals.not all like rock comes with them.its the chance you have to take but most likely you wont get one.
  11. njfish77

    Fish Question

    good thing you exchanged him they can be pretty exspensive and he probably wouldve melted.
  12. njfish77

    Mysterious crab??

    yea looks very much like a gorilla crab from the fuzziness but may be wrong.i would take him out and kill him.most crabs ive seen like that are very dangerous.
  13. njfish77

    there's life on Mars!

    trust me you have way more hitchikers than you think.maybe jusst havnt seen some of them yet and some you msy never see.The feather will be fine .If your tank is cycled you can get a feather duster at the LFS they are ery easy and do not need a 6 month old tank.
  14. njfish77

    My first coral for my 29g

    nice piece. i used to like them until one day they grew up the side of my acro and killed it.(my fav. acro too.)
  15. njfish77

    Fish Question

    well the tank is a little crammed for a bicolor.also for a maroon but if ya cant catch em leave em its not to bad of a size for em.but i o agree on getting a pair of percs and even a goby with them instead of doing the maroon.also the orange starfish is going to end up dieing if its a linkia.
  16. njfish77

    Nano tank ?'s

    if this is youre first time maintaining a seahorse tank i wouldnt do dwarfs they are a very expert type of seahorse.Start out with something simple.Also there is a great seahorse forum on the web ust do a search for it.
  17. njfish77

    12 in Refugium?? worth it?

    do the biggest you can.Fuges are very good for nutrient export and i think having one is better than nothing.
  18. njfish77

    What's in your nano fuge?

    well if you want a fuge under the tank you have to have an overflow box which is too big for a ten gallon. Get some eggcrate and put it over the opening where the water flows out.
  19. njfish77

    What's in your nano fuge?

    get an AC500 and a decoart 13 watt light to hang over it.Just put the live rock rubble and then the cheato in were the media supposed to be. It may not be the fanciest way but to make the fuge the way some other people make it with baffle and stuff is a little time taking.