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  1. joker_ca

    advice please.....

    what ever you do its going to be a pain. i would syphon out sections of the CC and then replace it with sand i wouldnt take out the fish.
  2. joker_ca

    Where to find valves

    find a good plumming store they will have a better selection than home depot, or lowes
  3. joker_ca

    Copperband Butterfly diet question

    they are picky eaters, so before you buy one make sure its eating. give them a varied diet of meaty foods like clams, mysis, fresh fish, and fresh shrimp
  4. joker_ca

    Fish list for a 16gal FO tank?

    yeah 5 fish is to much for such a small tank, another fish to look at is the cardinal fish, and a six line wrasse
  5. joker_ca

    Go with BARE Tank

    cut pvc pipe to 1/2 or 1inch depending on how long u need the pieces, stack your rock on top of the pvc and glue the rock together to keep it from falling over
  6. joker_ca

    Finally Got Pics!

    nice stand for your light!!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:
  7. joker_ca

    Berlin Skimmer advice

    i had one when i first started out years ago, IMO they suck! but to answer your questions yes the collection cup has to be above the water line. on the skimmer there is a red line where the water line should be which will raise the skimmer out of the water pretty high i dont think it will fit...
  8. joker_ca


    alot of people like tropic marin because they hardly ever have any bad batches, but i have always used instant ocean with no problems. But i always test my water before i put it into my aquarium or the peoples i service i suggest u do the same thing.
  9. joker_ca

    Feeding fish

    once a day is good but just remember to give them a varied diet especially your tang
  10. joker_ca

    Sump + Power Outage = Flood?

    make sure u have checkvalves in your return lines or they will syphon water out of your tank
  11. joker_ca

    Tank Backgrounds

    like miamishrip stated go with a dark background it'll bring out the colors of your fish or corals, but its your aquarium do what makes u happy
  12. joker_ca

    Wtb Fluval 404 Parts

    I need parts for my fluval 404 like hose, impeler cover, etc.
  13. joker_ca

    Help me stock my 90 FOWLR

    do u want to have a aggressive tank or a community tank
  14. joker_ca

    Is this lighting any good?

    the wattage u use for MH depends on how deep ur aquarium is? what is the depth of your aquarium, also what corals do u plan to keep?
  15. joker_ca

    red algae

    its not natural, red slime algea can take over ur tank fairly quickly. syphon it out and check ur water parameters, also search for red slime algea and you'll find alot of info on how to get rid of it
  16. joker_ca

    WTB in AL - Live Rock, Sump, Skimmer, 65w PC Bulbs

    i have a aquac remora skimmer w/ overflow/prefilter for $85 shipped
  17. joker_ca

    skimmer for sale

    it works great i just dont have any use for it since i got my 120 setup, it has the maxijet pump
  18. joker_ca

    skimmer for sale

  19. joker_ca

    skimmer for sale

    its only rated for 75gal and under, sorry
  20. joker_ca

    banner fish and cowfish?

    your banner fish is a pig they will pretty much eat anything, so give it a varied diet and it'll be happy also they prefer to be kept in pairs and need a good amount of swimming room and good water quality