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  1. teetee

    Moving a dsb.

    Thank you Wrassecal for your help. I will monitor the smell of the sand as I remove it. I might simply reuse the top 2" of sand and use new coral sand for the bottom two inches (I plan on making a 4" bed). I am researching on the upgrade now and do not plan the move until about six weeks.
  2. teetee

    Moving a dsb.

    Thank you for the responses. The possibility of an ammonia/nitrite spike is what worries me. Anyone esle out there with dsb transference experience?
  3. teetee

    Moving a dsb.

    I plan on upgrading my 135g to a 200g. I currently have a 5" sand bed. The sand bed was established about 1.5 yrs ago. Any suggestions on moving my existing sand bed to the 200g. I have read that the top 2" of sand should be separated while the bottom 3" should be placed in and the bottom layer...
  4. teetee

    # of Zebrasomas for a 200g.

    I thought so. I currently have the purple, convict and kole tangs along with a dawrf angel in my 135g. They all get along very well. I have heard of many aquarists who have two Zebrasomas, partiularily a yellow and purple in their set-ups with no problems. I think I might be fine with a black...
  5. teetee

    # of Zebrasomas for a 200g.

    A quickie. A purple, black longnose, and sailfin tang along with a kole and convict tang in a 200g reef. Are the tang police going to be after me, or is this posible? Would three Zebrasomas of different species be possible, or should this be left in the dream realm only? Just researching now...
  6. teetee

    To go plexiglass or not, input please.

    I am planning on upgrading my 135 to a 200 gallon. I am considering a plexiglass aquarium. Are they really worth it? I would like to hear from plexiglass tank owners. My concern is the scratching. Would I be forever cursing the scratches that just seem to appear (out of regular usage of a mag...
  7. teetee

    Hippo tangs? & lifespans?

    I read an article in an aquarium magazine a while back, and the author mentioned his tomato clown that was 18 years old! That is simply amazing and makes me feel so good to see that people are caring for their fish for such a lengthy period.
  8. teetee

    Blueleg Hermit Crabs......reproducing?

    The exact same thing is happening in my reef, except with red legged South American hemits. I can't figure out if they are reproducing or not. There is such a discrepency in size now. The larger ones are about 6X larger than the smaller ones (they were all the same size when purchased.). Could...
  9. teetee


    No to the betta. The olnly type of fish that can take the transfer are brackish fish. These fish live in or around eastuaries where the water is brackish. That is to say a mix of fresh and salt water. Ocean water mixes with fresh water rivers via the esatuaries. As a result, brackish fish can...
  10. teetee

    Half Black Angel?????????

    I have one, It is pretty hardy and not prone to disease. I believe they can reach between 4-5".
  11. teetee

    schooling question ??

    I could be mistaken here, but I understood that fish school when feel threatened. So a peaceful set-up would not create a schooling situation.
  12. teetee

    Anyone have mollies in their sw set-up?

    Buzz, Lol:D You are right, however, my desgn sensibilities are taking over and I need just the right color. The silver/white of the molly is pretty rare in sw fish. I was considering a Convict tang but I feel the agression/stress level of the tank would increase too much. Besides those balloon...
  13. teetee

    Anyone have mollies in their sw set-up?

    I know some people use mollies to cycle their tank. Believe it or not, I am actually wanting mollies as a permenent feature in my set up. In particular, I would like to incorporate 5 or 6 of the silver/white balloon mollies. I think their coloration would add an amazing contrast to my existing...
  14. teetee

    purple lobster

    I had a purple lobster for over a year in my reef tank. It was never a problem. I ended up giving it away to a friend. The downfall to this critter is that you rarely see it. It is very reclusive. Not worth spending your money and increasing your bio load on this invert.
  15. teetee

    OT: A little venting

    sorry Polarpooch:o tt
  16. teetee

    OT: A little venting

    Artticuno, Sorry for being sarcastic. I guess that was my misplaced vent. Your comment "It's a lovely thought, but we don't live in that world" just stuck me as unfortunate.
  17. teetee

    OT: A little venting

    Yeah it's all a business, just like starting a war. It's a business and that's all that counts. It's a lovely thought to be compassionate and caring but that's all it is, a thought. In the meantime lets live the dream and make$$$$$$ at whatever cost:eek:
  18. teetee

    Flame SCALLOP safe with????

    I agree that the scallops really should be left in the ocean. Far too few tanks are actually suitable for the survival of this invert. I would not be surprised if 90% of the scallops sold in the trade end up dyingin home aquaria. Would not recommend purchasing.
  19. teetee

    Sail Fin Tang

    Yes sailfins are great fish with wonderful personality. You could even train them to eat from your hand! You will get attached to yours and instead of trading it when it grows, you will give in to purchasing a 100g+ tank for it!:D
  20. teetee

    Cleaner shrimp and ick.

    I understand that cleaner shrimp clean/eat ick protozoans off the body of fish. Do they eat the protozoans that end up on live rock or a sand bed? If so, would not an aquarium well stocked in cleaner shrimp be a definite preventative against ick?