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  1. bruner54

    yellow tang/clown problem

    ok thank you
  2. bruner54

    yellow tang/clown problem

    i have a 150 and i just put a gold stripe maroon clown in the tank and the yellow tang is not nipping at it but he is smacking the clown with his tail. Is this normal or is this something i should be concerned with?
  3. bruner54

    adding maroon clown

    i think they would be fine in a 150
  4. bruner54

    The Story Thus Far...

    wow that looks awesome you did a really good job.
  5. bruner54

    My Fish Keeps Going In The Skimmer

    some info about your tank will help.
  6. bruner54

    Blue Throat Trigger!

    they are one of the most reef safe triggers but you might get one that might not be im picking mine up friday i cant wait
  7. bruner54

    for those w/o a chiller....

    i turned my heater off
  8. bruner54

    best dwarf angel for me

    i think it is a good idea good luck and hope he doesnt eat your corals.
  9. bruner54

    clown triggers

    it might kill the yellow tang.
  10. bruner54

    Red Algae

    it is fine nothing to worry about and snails will take care of it.
  11. bruner54

    Upgrading to a 150 Gallon

    Originally Posted by LHale4583 First thanks for the quick response. I was thinking of get the metal halides but information that I have read is that they get very hot. And I'm worried about then needing a chiller to control the temp. The canopy that came with the tank has about 12 inches of...
  12. bruner54


    they prolly got sucked up into the skimmer i am not sure if foam will help someone else might know.
  13. bruner54

    cycle done?

    test it for a couple more days to see if anything comes up, and if nothing comes up then you should be all set.
  14. bruner54

    selling my 20 setup

  15. bruner54

    Upgrading to a 150 Gallon

    i dont know about your lighting but live sand is def the way to go.
  16. bruner54

    Gary's 150 aga

    very nice.
  17. bruner54


    yea it will settle down i have a powerhead in my 20 and some of the smaller stuff stays floating but my live rock is covered in sand cause my fish are constantly making sand storms and my corals always get knocked around.
  18. bruner54

    selling my 20 setup

    Originally Posted by zona322 were do you live thanks zona i live in CT my zip code is 06278
  19. bruner54

    selling my 20 setup

    the livestock is going to be sold first i dont know really know how to ship them but if you want i can, so what i have is royal gramma -10 yellow tail damsel-5 six line wrasse-10 lawnmower blenny-10 yellow clown goby-5 and some sorta anemone-15 live rock about 20lbs $3 a lb lots of coraline...
  20. bruner54

    Fish that serve a purpose in a reef tank

    lawnmower blenny eats algae