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  1. team2jndd

    lights for

    what is the wattage on the 24 inch and how much is it?
  2. team2jndd

    Selling two 24g Aquapods with MH Sunpod fixtures

    how much for just one of the sunpods?
  3. team2jndd

    wtb ASAP!

    will you do ten shipped for the one heater? I do not need both because it is only a 24 gallon.
  4. team2jndd

    extra stuff

    does the power compact have legs? If so, how small of a tank can they adjust to fit on?
  5. team2jndd

    wtb ASAP!

    sorry for the double post.... I was mainly needing pictures of the front so I can see if it will fit in the back of my aquapod. My email is Thanks.
  6. team2jndd

    wtb ASAP!

    Do you have any pictures? How big is the pump?
  7. team2jndd

    wtb ASAP!

    Do you have any pictures? How big is the pump?
  8. team2jndd

    wtb ASAP!

    oh sorry im in 10541 by the way.
  9. team2jndd

    wtb ASAP!

    How much shipped for one of the 200 w heaters? What are the dimensions on the HOB? I need as much info on size as I can because Its for my 24gal aquapod and fitment is difficult. Thank you very much.
  10. team2jndd

    wtb ASAP!

    Need a heater, HOB skimmer, at least 90W Pc or 75-150W HQI,. Just moved my tank from Savannah GA to NY last night and did a terrible job packing everything up. I broke my heater and lost my clowns as a result. I am borrowing a heater from a friend for the time being. If anybody has anything that...
  11. team2jndd

    90 gallon tank for sale N.Y.C area

    are you selling a heater by any chance?
  12. team2jndd

    29g Setup for sale in PA

    I am in desperate need of a heater. Let me know if youll part with it and how much shipped to 10541. thanks.
  13. team2jndd


    I will be driving from Savannah ga to west palm this weekend. Are you on my way or close to west palm? If you are let me know I can pick up a few things. Also let me know what you have left please. Thanks.
  14. team2jndd

    lights for

    I would be interested in one of the 24 inch lights. What wattage and how much?
  15. team2jndd

    sea swirl, reeflo snapper, pc lights

    specs on the lights?
  16. team2jndd

    2 free skimmers

    what kind of skimmer is the smaller one?
  17. team2jndd

    Zoas for sale in FL

    how much for the 10 polyp frag shipped to 31419?
  18. team2jndd

    In need of a few things for my 24gal

  19. team2jndd

    clown pairs

    oh and the first two are the same thing.
  20. team2jndd

    clown pairs

    I have a pair of true percs in my 24. love them. Really depends on personal preference though.