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  1. yosemite sam

    Sun Coral question

    I feed mine cyclops every other day.
  2. yosemite sam

    worm id

    Sounds like a bristle worm. In small numbers they are not a problem.
  3. yosemite sam

    Q-Tip Sponge?

    Hard to say for sure, can you get a closer photo? Here is a photo of a Q-tip sponge from the archive if you need a comparison: Welcome to the board!
  4. yosemite sam

    tiny snail

    Yeah, I would guess it's a collonista snail, too, but a photo would help.
  5. yosemite sam

    Best Placement for Photosynthetic Gorgonians

    Nice specimens! All the gorgonias I've kept, photosynthetic or not, like a good strong current. I'd also try and reposition them to make sure that they aren't rubbing up against the rocks.
  6. yosemite sam

    ID polyp and possible algae

    The polyp looks like a Palythoa or Protopalythoa. As for the algae, do a search for Botryocladia and see if that's what you have.
  7. yosemite sam

    Please ID this coral.....

    "Elkhorn" is a vernacular name used for species of both Acropora and Montipora. Do a search for Montipora hirsuta (also sometimes spelled hirisuta), one of the 'Elkhorn' montiporas. It looks very similar to what you have.
  8. yosemite sam

    Coral ID help

    Looks like a gorgonia, perhaps something from the Eunicea or Muricea genuses.
  9. yosemite sam

    Please ID this coral.....

    It looks like a branching montipora, but I'd need a closer photo to tell for sure.
  10. yosemite sam

    Worm on soft coral

    Yeah, I spend a lot of time watching the tank! Actually, the worm is pretty obvious once you look at the coral. I'm surprised it took me as long as it did to notice it!
  11. yosemite sam

    hydriod jellyfish...

    Yes, the ones on the glass usually go away. What are your water parameters?
  12. yosemite sam

    Whats this coral??

    It does look like a colt coral. How much flow do you have in the tank?
  13. yosemite sam

    flatworms on my snail

    Do a search for Spirorbid worms. If that is what you have, then it's nothing to worry about, they are harmless filter feeders.
  14. yosemite sam

    Why is powehead shooting out gusts off small bubbles?

    How do you have it set up? How close is it to the surface? Is anything blocking the intake?
  15. yosemite sam

    Worm on soft coral

    No, it pokes around like a bristleworm. It's constantly moving over the coral but I've never seen it leave it.
  16. yosemite sam

    Worm on soft coral

    Thanks Cranberry :) As long as it stays on good behavior, I think I'll let it stick around.
  17. yosemite sam

    Worm on soft coral

    Thanks Nissan, I used a Canon Xsi digital SLR with a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens.
  18. yosemite sam

    Worm on soft coral

    I've had this Stereonephthya for several weeks but I just noticed this worm a few days ago. I thought it was a small brittle star at first, as I've had some on other soft corals, but it's definitely a worm. It's probably 6" - 8" long, and as thick as angel-hair pasta. It doesn't appear to be...
  19. yosemite sam

    anyone know what this yellow web is?

    Yup, it looks like a sponge, and a nice, colorful one at that.
  20. yosemite sam

    Is this a sponge?

    Are you talking about the white thing in the left-center of the photo? If so, I agree with Reefforbrains, it looks like a Porities skeleton.