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  1. mullethead

    Finally in the tank....

    you can cut it. just dont take it out of the water to do it
  2. mullethead

    Hair algea.......

    the nitrates are the end result of your bioload.. fish, shrimp, crabs, snails etc. and the feeding of them. the refuge or sump (mine is a combination made from a 30 gallon square rubbermaid container) is a place where some of this can be exported using macro-algae, mangroves and many other...
  3. mullethead


    nitrates and nitrites too high.....water changes and figure out why they are so high
  4. mullethead

    Help with Brain

    could be a response to that.. maybe partially shade them for a few days or reduce the photo period a couple hours temporarily.. mine did this when i got them and those are the steps i took...had these two over a year now and they still do it...look great for 5 days then only partially open for...
  5. mullethead

    Pic of my ricordeas

    GORGEOUS.......think i will have to hunt me down one of those orange ones!!!
  6. mullethead

    Help with Brain

    brains tend to do this.......i would not worry unless it lasts longer than a few days or you start to see tissue receding or wounds on it.
  7. mullethead

    SPS Under PC Lighting?

    i've had a wild collected acropora for over a year now on pc vho combination..i got it half dead from a local fish store, figured it was going to die anyway. it is like yours right near the surface and is growing very well. it has completly recovered over the dead skeleton and i've had to break...
  8. mullethead


    great looking tank and setup!! makes me wish i had a basement
  9. mullethead

    Feeding Bubble Coral?

    mine like squid also
  10. mullethead

    Hair algea.......

    keep nitrates and phosphates low. alk/ph high once corraline is well established it will out compete the hair algae which in turn will starve to works in my set up anyway...bubble algae on the other hand will continue to grow and is what i'm fighting
  11. mullethead

    help with coral

    it means you are getting more xenia... be carefull, they will try to take over and are difficult to control... i find even when i cut them out any little piece of the foot that remains quickly grows back
  12. mullethead

    Hair algea.......

    how long has the tank been running? 20 ppm nitrate, while not that harmfull to your inhabitants is more than enough to fuel the hair algae...phosphates could also be contributing, usually with nitrate's you are going to have some testable level of phosphate.. good luck tying to find something...
  13. mullethead

    help id..stinging my xenia

    looks like the same type of polyp that i got as a bonus on a chunk of porites....within six months it started overrunning the center of the tank..i tried cutting them out...bad idea,,any little piece grows back and the heads that get away and fall thru the rock attach and start growing. i am...
  14. mullethead

    something wrong in the neighborhood

    dont know about the anemone but my brains will do this from time to time even though everything tests fine..the rest of the tank is not affected and after a week or ten days they are back to normal ... ive stopped worrying about it and have just taken it as something that is normal with...
  15. mullethead

    Louisiana Reef Club

    hey stout, just joined your club, or at least tried to.. how many reefers are there in br? scott
  16. mullethead

    My newest addition ... XENIA

    be careful wher you put them they overrun and take over. they move by leaning over and them so they cabt reach anything else. i'm cutting approximatly 300 stalks out today, if nobody in the baton rouge area wants them they will be euthanized. check my post!!
  17. mullethead

    anyone in baton rouge area want xenia??

    tank is getting over-run.....pruning it out as much as you want...ya have to come get it today!! local stores dont want it.... e-mail is will be checking throught the day scott
  18. mullethead

    glass cover

    i have to!!! thanks richard
  19. mullethead

    Whats ure fav fish?

    hey conch.. they all make good bait, but finger would have to my favorite..
  20. mullethead

    Whats ure fav fish?