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    Congratulations to our talented members!

    pics updated and credit given would be great lol, they just seem really backed up.
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    Can I have a 29 gal. agg. tank?

    I'm on second floor of my apartments, and have a 125 gallon and for gods sake, DO NOT GET ANY PUFFER FOR ANY TANK SMALLER THAN A 55 GALLON (and at a 55 gallon, only small puffers)
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    Haha, wow, makes me feel dumb, has nothing I need livestock wise, I dont feel like spending 100$ to save 20$. I am just wanting to have my photos posted lol. Am I the only one who is like this?
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    that would explain why some polls have close to 100 votes, where as others barely touch 30 too bad they dont do these votes w/ IPs vs. usernames.
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    Hawiian Zebra Hermit Crab

    thx for adding me to the poll
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    Hawiian Zebra Hermit Crab

    damn, i guess i mislabeled mine ><, guess i missed this one.
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    Hate to thread hijack, but, will this credit expire? Lets say someone is setting up a tank, and happens to win, do they have to use the credit within a few months of winning, or will it be there forever until it is used?
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    some more entrys

    Lopezi tang Stars and Stripes puffer Zebra Eel Assorted Hermits entry (please ignore the others) Tube Anemone - Hot pink Naso Tang Arrow Crab
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    FAKE PHOTOS! Copyright Violations! BEWARE of this user

    I'm guessing this isnt his either
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    new coolest shark

    well, I hate to rain on your parade, but sharks are considered part of the aggressive fish trade
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    20 gallon reef build

    nope, tank has been taken apart, coral and such sold, and will be put back together as a frag only tank once my dads new house is up (since he will be payin for the power ^^). I bought the 4 wheelers as a mated pair. The 4 wheelers and the clowns were all taken down by my killer emerald crab...
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    adult bamboo shark

    you would need the ocean.
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    what is the age clownfish start mating?

    what size are your clowns? if they are both still small, you might have to wait until one of em decides to become the female. and be sure to get a clay pot or tile for you tank, as clowns love to spawn on them, and as it is easy to take the fry out and put em in a smaller breeding tank.
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    new coolest shark

    where's the zebra shark? Thats one of my favs
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    Bamboo Shark Set Up

    "beginner" doesnt mean "small", but sadly, as mike22cha said, some people think it does when they go out and buy fish and such ><. I mean sure, you will get those people who buy it because they like sharks, think its cool to have a shark, or are just plain dumb and wanna see how much they can...
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    Bamboo Shark Set Up

    I dont have a wobbygong, I have a banded bamboo. See get, your facts staight before you try to insult someone. you are confusing me w/ goodwin9. if you knew me, you would know im in the process of piecing together a 400 gallon pond for my bamboo. its people like you who jump...
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    Bamboo Shark Set Up

    wow, its like all of you misread what I wrote...Back to reef central I go.
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    Bamboo Shark Set Up

    thats why I said, make sure itll take it back as a failsafe lol, just incase something happens, like a family issue, where you no longer have time or funds to build the tank. I wouldnt advocate gettin a shark unless you planning on building a pond either.
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    Bamboo Shark Set Up

    I said that, because a LFS here says they will buy sharks that outgrow tanks lol, since they usually can sell em just as fast as you bring em in. Not every area is the same ><.