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  1. wbilton

    Clown Fish laid eggs

    I've had a couple of clown fish for about 6 years now, the other day I noticed eggs on my live rock, and clown fish chasing away anything that went near them, I'm not really prepared for this, Is there anything I can do to help them survive
  2. wbilton

    Any Electricians?

    upgrade your wireing and breaker or better yet run a seperate line and put it on a different breaker
  3. wbilton

    al gore strikes again!

    Originally Posted by salty blues I saw on the news today where the new energy bill passed by congress & the prez will make incandescent lamps illegal in 4 years. If so, that $3.00 strand of Christmas lights at wild mart will cost $30.00+ for LED or other new technology. More enviro-wacko knee...
  4. wbilton

    word association

  5. wbilton

    How old are your clowns?

    I've had one for about 3 years and the other for about 2 and a half
  6. wbilton

    Blue Hippo Tang eating Corals

    You can give him to me
  7. wbilton

    New Spotted Mandarin Dragonet Gobie??

    I've had my Mandarine for 2 and a half years, never bought any pods but I do have 100lbs of rock
  8. wbilton

    Putting Faces to the Names

    I have to protect my true Identity
  9. wbilton

    hawiian blue puffer

  10. wbilton

    hawiian blue puffer

    Can I add a Hawiian blue puffer with clown fish, lawnmowerbleny and a manderin I also have a few shrimp and a couple of corals, I have a 80g
  11. wbilton

    starfish hitch hiker?

    just googled it thats it , thanks
  12. wbilton

    starfish hitch hiker?

    they appear to be starfish, however one arm is much longer than the rest, the are white and very small there are about 25 of them. Are they star fish? (I'd try to take a picture but I don't have a very good camera)
  13. wbilton

    Hitchhiker star ID please

    I just found a very small star (1/2 inch) in my tank I havn't added anything to my tank in months, I tried to get a picture but my camera is not a great one and I can't get a focused picture.
  14. wbilton

    Feeding Question

    I feed every other day.
  15. wbilton

    wrasse playing dead?

    I just received an order from swf the six line wrasse is on its back I know so fish "play dead" is the wrasse one of them
  16. wbilton

    VERY SERIOUS QUESTION! buying fish online?

    I've ordered several times, I have an order being delivered tomorrow, I've never had a problem.
  17. wbilton

    Pulsating Xenia

  18. wbilton

    what corals can i have

    You got your answer, it just wasn't the one you were looking for.
  19. wbilton

    Trouble ordering online at SWF

    Have you logged in?
  20. wbilton

    Why I'll never vote for a democrat

    Cant't we just all get along? :notsure: