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  1. kdfrosty

    Hitchhiker Crab ID Please

    Ya ya....he's mean and not reef safe. I know this. Can anyone possibly provide an ID?
  2. kdfrosty

    Hitchhiker Crab ID Please

    I caught this guy grabbing and demolishing a newly acclimated (i.e. >4 hours) Flame Angel. Any ideas?
  3. kdfrosty

    New Mexico Reefers?

    Another Albuquerque Reefer here. I know Rob, and frequent his store...Menaul and Vassar, by the way. It's good to see other NM reefers here, and I know a few more that are on these forums. Im interested in trading frags, meeting, or whatever. I'm mostly looking for softies or LPS' though.
  4. kdfrosty

    Classifieds Seller's Feedback

    Not necessarily another member, but more of an ----/online store that I'd like to leave negative feedback about: ---- Seller ID: aquarium lights Online Store: Purchased "new in box" T5 retro kit from aforementioned seller. Product arrived damaged (not from shipping), no...
  5. kdfrosty

    VHO Lighting Question

    I'm going to have to experiment for a couple of days with the heaters. As far as the lighting goes, I'll let you know what I decide on. Thanks for all your help!!
  6. kdfrosty

    Seaclone 100?

    From another website that I cant mention here: "here are three basic tasks that can individually enhance a Seaclone's performance. 1) Replace the stock air flow adjustment end cap and replace with a air adjustment valve. 2) Reduce the inner most riser tube's length to...
  7. kdfrosty

    Seaclone 100?

    Originally Posted by JoshRadio Do tell! Are you using the SeaClone HOB (hong on back) or in sump?
  8. kdfrosty

    Seaclone 100?

    I used to have a SeaClone 100. Now that I have a Remora I realize what garbage the SeaClone was. Spend the extra $$, and dont skimp on a skimmer. There are, however, a few mods you can do the the SeaClone to get a little better performance from it.
  9. kdfrosty

    VHO Lighting Question

    The two 120mm fans blow across the the inside of the canopy and top of the tank. I primarily use them in the summertime to increase evaporation thereby keeping the tank a bit cooler. I also know that it keeps the water temps a bit cooler, albeit just 1 or 2 degrees. If it's "the amount of...
  10. kdfrosty

    VHO Lighting Question

    Will I need a reflector of some sort?
  11. kdfrosty

    VHO Lighting Question

    That's just it...I have my heaters (plural) set to 83. I will try turning them up to 85. It REALLY shouldnt be that warm. I think that the MH over the tank heats it during the day. It shouldnt be getting as hot as it does, and that's one of the reasons Im considering VHO.
  12. kdfrosty

    VHO Lighting Question

    I have a 50g reef which I use a 400w 10K MH and 55w x 2 Actinic PC to light. My issue is temperature fluctuations. During the day I hit as high as 83/84 degrees, and at night I drop to 77/78. 6 degrees fluctuation. My MH sits 8" off of the waters surface in a canopy, and I use two 120mm fans...
  13. kdfrosty

    hair algee outa control...

    Originally Posted by Symon I just got a sea hare on friday, these things mow down the hair alge! It's about time!!! :P Lets work another trade!
  14. kdfrosty

    Need to get rid of GSP's and Orange Fuzzy Shrooms

    Definitely interested in the shrooms. my email
  15. kdfrosty

    help fraging a polyp

    Originally Posted by petieaztec never thought it was so easy. do you do thid in another tank or in a bucket? I would take a put a bit of tank water in a tupperware and do it under good light.
  16. kdfrosty

    Candy Canes

    My Candy Canes usually extend their feeder tentacles right after my MH goes off and only my actinics are on. At that point I can spotfeed most of the heads (I have about 15 heads) with one squirt of a turkey baster partially filled with mysis, cyclopeeze, or other food of choice. Depending on...
  17. kdfrosty

    help fraging a polyp

    A couple of choices: -try breaking the live rock where you want it to split. This is easily accomplished with a screw driver and a little bit of leverage on a porous piece of rock. Once the LR is split, seperate the colony of polyps using a razor blade. The downfall to this method is that it's...
  18. kdfrosty

    Help With Randall's Goby

    I just picked one up and noticed had the same problem after acclimation. They're bottom feeders, so make sure that food is getting to the bottom of the tank and not getting eaten by faster more aggressive fish. Also try enticing him with food soaked in garlic. I used a turkey baster to get food...
  19. kdfrosty

    Need Help Real Bad!!!!!!!!

    Originally Posted by sepulatian Hypo should NOT be done in the DT. Sorry if I missed someone suggesting that. You should not put livestock into a qt that is being cycled at all!!!! I am not realy sure why you would suggest that KD. It should be cycled before hypo is performed. A piece of shrimp...
  20. kdfrosty

    Suggestions needed for new fish...

    Be careful how many fish you add, and the speed you add them. Dont add too much livestock too fast. Being that it's a 29g FOWLR, you dont have much room for more additions. I'd say one more fish, but two would be cramping it IMO. About your suggestions...Here's a quick list that meet 2/3 of...