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  1. krazekajin

    Chromis and Damsel Tank

    Damsels are hard to keep in groups because of thier aggressiveness. However, there are two surefire ways to eliminate thier aggressiveness. 1. Feed often. Coral Magazine did a whole issue on damsels a while back and many of the articles reccommended using an automatic feeder that would...
  2. krazekajin

    possibly getting two Kellogis

    Thank you very much for the info. Good things to think about.
  3. krazekajin

    possibly getting two Kellogis

    I am an experienced reef keeper. I am interested in branching out into seahorses. My LFS has Kellogis in and I am looking into getting a pair. What size aquariums would be good for these horses. What other parameters are needed. I know all about hitching posts, currents, compatable...
  4. krazekajin

    anybody built a glass tank? Talk to me

    Well, I am going to go for the glass and then try to figure out from there. I will try to get intouch with aquarium obsessed.
  5. krazekajin

    anybody built a glass tank? Talk to me

    Thanks for the link.
  6. krazekajin

    anybody built a glass tank? Talk to me

    Haven't got that far. That is why I am asking questions. Is $50.00 a good deal first off and where do I go from there?
  7. krazekajin

    anybody built a glass tank? Talk to me

    I have the opportunity to buy the glass to build a 140 cube tank. This would be around three feet square and 2 feet high. The glass is all starfire glass. The glass has already been cut to length and the top is ground so no sharp edges. Glass is 1/2 thick. All for $50.00. Is this a good...
  8. krazekajin

    Stupid Stupid Stupid (long)

    I would run a lot of carbon right now as well.
  9. krazekajin

    Pumps keep getting cloged and noisy, why?

    They will get clogged, but yours seems to be a little excessive. What is it clogged with? Pieces of algea,. I have never heard of a Hydro korlia clogging. That is a lot of flow for a 15g. Do you keep SPS or something? That is 43X turnover. Don't get me wrong flow is good, but I wonder if...
  10. krazekajin

    Id hermit please

    I have no idea what the real name is, but my LFS always called them brown legged hermits. Anyway, the point is that I bought a lot of blue legs from my LFS one time and all of the sudden I was finding dead Blue leg bodies all over the place. I went back to talk to the LFS and they told me to...
  11. krazekajin

    Does anybody raise Rotifers?

    Here is my question. How do you know if your rotifer culture has crashed?
  12. krazekajin

    Most of my corals seem happy, but

    how long have you seen it last. Mine has been for over a month now, with a slow decline of polyps.
  13. krazekajin

    LPS and air exposure

    The main thing is to gently shake them underwater before taking them out of the tank, to give the tenticles and polyps a moment to retract into the skeleton. Lifting a fully inflated LPS out of a tank will rip and tear the flesh because it is so heavy. So make sure you allow it to retract and...
  14. krazekajin

    Most of my corals seem happy, but

    when you find out the answer let me know. i have always had a huge colony of GSP. They have grown great for almost three years. Then all of the sudden, they have decided to go south and even bleach. all other corals are great. SPS, zoos, mushrooms, xenia. I have done waterchanges, adjusted...
  15. krazekajin

    trying my hand at raising Coral Banded Shrimp

    That is right. I will be recieving a culture of algea next week. I will start raising my own phytoplankton and also rotifers. This will get me ready for the next batch of eggs.
  16. krazekajin

    trying my hand at raising Coral Banded Shrimp

    Originally Posted by FishyGurl yes please keep us posted, and add pics of the setups and everything, suonds very interesting! An Update: I had to go to St. Louis for a funeral so I was unable to isolate my female and eggs before I had to leave. This was an unexpected trip. So, I am back to...
  17. krazekajin

    Coral Banded Shrimp

    it is not so much that they are predators, but they are very terriotorial. If you have plenty of rockwork and a large tank, then you would probaly be fine. But, they can get aggressive when anything gets to thier turf.
  18. krazekajin

    Ripped my Xenia

    when xenia rips it will produce more heads from a rip than a cut.
  19. krazekajin

    Aqua C Remora skimmer box for sale

    haven't recieved the pm yet. So just email me your Paypal address and I will tell you here to ship it.