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  1. hunterdaddy

    Must Sell Everything Pa

    bumping this to top of post I won't be around untill ater next week. I will answer all emails then.
  2. hunterdaddy

    Must Sell Everything Pa

    If the dude who sent me the email about comming to erie to steelhead fish wants to give me a call to set something up my number is 814-774-0738. I will try to send you an email but can't from work. I can show you some awsome places that most mupheres don't know about. My name is Howard. Call...
  3. hunterdaddy

    Must Sell Everything Pa

    I am going out of town for thanksgiving and deer season. I will send all emails to the top offers when I get back next weekend dec 6th or 7th.
  4. hunterdaddy

    Must Sell Everything Pa

    I am moving and must sell everything as I can take nothing with me. Anything that isn't sold will be thrown in the trash or flushed down the toilet or taken back to the store so make me an offer and you might get it. 1 foxface rabbit fish 1 gold banded maroon clown 1 6 line wrasse 1 LM blenny 1...
  5. hunterdaddy

    Snails without shells?

    snails without shells are commonly refered to as slugs :) I didn't read your post but I read the heading.
  6. hunterdaddy

    What's your loosing battle?

    mine is red slime and green hair algea. Took care of it last time with a bunch of narsiuss snails and about twice as many turbos and hermits.. Most of these have since died however and now I have the problem again. I know if I could afford new bulbs the problems would go away but cant spend...
  7. hunterdaddy

    OT: Joining the Airforce

    I read somewhere once that air traffic controllers have more heart attacks than any other job due to the high stress levels. Very little in the military "carrys over" into something you can use in the civilian world. Para rescue is like seals I beleive. Not your actual job "rate" but something...
  8. hunterdaddy

    Think I killed my sand

    LS is a waste of money IMO. Unless you have the money to waste like some people do (just not me personally) I would just buy the LR. Your LR will quickly populate your LS.
  9. hunterdaddy

    green trumpet corals erie PA

    I have 2 clumps of green trumpets I would like to trade. I live in erie pa but can ship anywhere. They are very fleshy and have been growing very nicely as of late. I don't get here much so send emails to
  10. hunterdaddy

    Power Compacts - thoughts?

    I use PC lighting. The bulbs need replaced about every 6-8 months or you start getting red slime and hair algea. The PCs are cooler than the VHOs. Shouldn't need a chiller unless you live somewhere it gets real hot.
  11. hunterdaddy

    Starfish eating shrimp?

    The star could very well have eaten a shrimp. If the shrimp was in the molting stage he is vulnerable.
  12. hunterdaddy

    Erie Pa Tank 4 Sale

    I am about 3 and 1/2 hours from hershey. My sister is in medical school there by the way. Town smeels like choclate I hear. Please anyone interested in anything send me emails Much easier to answer you that way
  13. hunterdaddy

    Erie Pa Tank 4 Sale

    Ok then send offers on individual items. I will break it up and the deleveiry offer still applies.
  14. hunterdaddy

    Erie Pa Tank 4 Sale

    bump hmmm the rocks or lights all by themselves are worth at least 300
  15. hunterdaddy

    Erie Pa Tank 4 Sale

    I am selling my salt water aquarium. Aquarium goes to the highest bidder. I WILL NOT SELL IN PARTS WHOLE AQUARIUM MUST GO. I will deliver everything any distance with a .20 cent a mile charge paid in advance. Aquarium incluides. Bidding starts at 300$ Send me an email with you bid and I will...
  16. hunterdaddy

    mushroom question

    Has anyone ever actually put a mushroom in a blender then dumped it into their tank to spread spores? What if I were to cut one of my 4-6 inch across mushrooms in half and transplany the half? Would both halves grow into full shrooms?
  17. hunterdaddy

    frags to trade

    I would like the torch. I posted in thermos trade with what I have.
  18. hunterdaddy

    Ammonia 4.0: URGENT!

    serpintine The salt in your water removes chlorine as well. I use well water so there is no chlorine in my water. I have used city water and well water because I woun't pay 2 $ a gallon for water and i have never had any problems due to water changes. Just other things like tank moves and such.
  19. hunterdaddy

    My post deleted??

    nope it was definatley deleted anyone know why??
  20. hunterdaddy

    My post deleted??

    I posted asking everyone to let people know what corals they have inadverently killed off. Why did it get erased??