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  1. corky


    all selling,trading, and give aways have to go here
  2. corky

    Anyone From Jersey?

    exit 100. Belmar area.
  3. corky

    Anyone buying or selling corals in NJ?

    Anyone buying or selling corals in NJ?
  4. corky

    Looking for T-5 endcaps and stand offs in NJ

    I was wondering if anyone had any info on where I could pick up some T5s at a reasonable price in NJ. The prices online are offset by shipping so I was hoping to find someone local. thanks
  5. corky

    Am I missing something or is there really only one coral for sale on the auction(plum acro)? You've got to be kidding me!
  6. corky

    I believe rwp1202 was delivering a message other than the obvious. I am not happy with the changes and like many have stated, do not come to this board as frequently as I used to. I can only imagine that in time I will almost all together stop coming to this site. It's a shame because I just...
  7. corky

    Great Idea

    trade??? buy and sell as I see it. not set up for the hobbyist, just a business.
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    I always liked this site. Enough traffic but not too much. I've seen many people come and go. This site has changed very much over the years with most changes being for the good. However, this last change seems to be more of a money driven change than one built on the basic roots of...
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    Thinning out time

    do you know the name of the zoos in the last picture? orange rim, yellow center) thanks
  10. corky

    150 Gallon Aquarium

    just a suggestion, you might want to include the dimensions. wish you the best.
  11. corky

    Anyone from New Jersey

    frag was hardly a frag, more like a coral! Very nice size. Looks great in the tank. and thanks again for the orange mont. good transaction.
  12. corky

    asterina stars+brittle stars+chaeto= $10. NJ

    I have asterina stars (aka:doughy stars) 8 - 10 + small brittle stars 4 - 6 + nice size bag of chaeto full of life for $10. a bag. Can also include a couple of copepods and flatworms if desired. Central NJ (07753) next to Belmar. Exit 100 GSP. No shipping preferred. (I've never shipped before...
  13. corky

    Purple Beaded Starfish

    sent pm.
  14. corky

    Anyone from New Jersey

    I want some. meeting might be the problem. email me at do you have any orange cap? how many polyp frags are the aliens of the ones you have left? but I will take the grape if still available.
  15. corky

    Apple Skinned Bahama Kangaroo zoas for sale

    interested in a frag. waiting for price. please put me on the list. thanks
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  17. corky

    anybody want to trade?

    where exactly in south jersey are you? what type of mushrooms do you have?
  18. corky

    good etiquette???

    It seems some on this forum just don't have a sense of good etiquette. Interesting watching some of these threads unfold and what people say in one thread verses another. Just received a pm from someone stating: "Hey, im not going to be able to get that ________ some unexpected bills came up...