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  1. snipe

    dreaded tang/tank size

    wasn't ment to bring up a fight arguement or anything. Just posting my two cents on the subject. like I have said one if you dont like the subject keep your nose out of the post and simply stop repling good god ppl its not that freakin hard. This post was just my two cents on how ppl are...
  2. snipe Sale

    you can call 772 462 0205 or 772 462 0203 That is there number you will talk to the lady who handles the orders her self just have your info ready such as your order number and name and she can help.
  3. snipe

    dreaded tang/tank size

    and from my years of reading saltwater fish in tanks will not stunt there growth. That is the whole point on saying that fish needs a certain size tank. Saltwater fish have been in the ocean's for millions of years in a astonishing amount of space and they are pre programmed to grow to there...
  4. snipe

    dreaded tang/tank size

    im not saying it as it can or cant be done. I know ppl will always do this. But when you see expecially in the newb forum about ppl saying that the smallest tank size is a 75gallon and only then a yellow tang. And you see the same person saying that it wont live in a 55 its just like why are...
  5. snipe

    dreaded tang/tank size

    im being serious if you simply dont like seeing these threads then you simply keep your two cents to yourself and not reply to my post in the first place its pretty simply really. But you must say when you honestly see ppl saying a fish wont live in a 55 gallon tank but it will in a 75 or even a...
  6. snipe

    I will make mad at me for this one!

    but honestly alot of ppl like me who have to drive a hundred miles one way to buy aquarium grade sand and marine salt it is actually worth it just to wait for the item to come to my door and possibly save money with shipping prices be a bit cheaper than having to pay for gas both way.
  7. snipe

    dreaded tang/tank size

    Alright yall im tired of seeing this about ppl saying tangs cant live in anything smaller than a 75 or 90 gallon tank. Alright yes I agree tangs get rather long and need a bigger tank as of course I wouldnt like being cramped in something small but look at the perspective of things here. a...
  8. snipe

    I will make mad at me for this one!

    oh one thing I would love to see is a description for each and every livestock item posted and more into details on spefics these things need like lighting and flow and food they eat reef compat or not. Some things say absolutly nothing about the animal itself just a pic and a price tag. I...
  9. snipe

    I will make mad at me for this one!

    I do totally agree with some of these posts. I agree on the min order amount. Just recently I ordered fish from here. 1 fish was DOA in the bag (with no water what so ever in the bag) 1 other was in hardly any water and was DOA before it was even done acclimating. a Dwarf Lion was DOA in the...
  10. snipe

    Chromis and Damsel Tank

    really the only damsels that are not gonna be really mean and all is the yellow tail. But a few of the damsels get kinda large up around 6inches or so. I myself for chromis like the purple chromis or black and white chromis. Im partial to the domino damsles (just that jet black body) and the...
  11. snipe

    Dead Shrimp and LFS

    none of my LFS offer a GT on any saltwater anything. Though they do freshwater stuff. Shrimp arent really all the tricky just drip acclimate like anything els. Im guessing probably a fire shrimp for $40 if im guessing right? Usually run around that amount and if she stated she had a QT on her...
  12. snipe

    umbrella mushroom ate clownfish?

    It is not uncommon for the larger mushrooms to eat fish especially fish like clowns who try to host said coral and the coral reacts as food. If you notice shrooms of all sorts will eat foods when it falls on it.
  13. snipe

    Is this worth it?

    I have a 300watt titanium for my 46gallon
  14. snipe

    New To Swf Need Guidence

    for a fishonly ya dont need much flow. If ya want to do corals ya will want around 20 to 26 GPH to the size of tank. My 40 has somewhere like 28x the flow of the tank size.
  15. snipe

    weird tank size

    I did that before lol. I cant wait to move out and get my massive tank. Gonna be no less than a 100. Bigger if possible!
  16. snipe

    Always research before you buy!

    mom didnt buy this for you did she? lol. just teasing.
  17. snipe

    My New Aqua Scape ^_^

    I like it looks nice it looks natural
  18. snipe

    Some New Pictures 29 Gallon.

    looks really nice
  19. snipe

    Can I feed tang...

    They are pigs some tangs even eat meaty foods but should have seaweed at all times
  20. snipe

    New To Swf Need Guidence

    damsles in an agress tank work well though actually. They hold there own and dont get big and some are rather pretty. Gold stripe maroon clowns are good. Believe it or not the Clowns are related to Damsle fish (I think there actually a type of damsle). Domino damsles are known to host some...