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  1. saltwatersubie

    Replacing bulb

    Does anyone have a recommendation for what type of replacement bulb I should get for my 250w Sunpod? I currently have the stock 14k bulb in there.
  2. saltwatersubie

    Mandarin dead

    He is alive!! And yes I do have a fuge and I will also be buying extra pods to make sure he is getting enough food.
  3. saltwatersubie

    Mandarin dead

    I have not flushed him I was hoping that he was sleeping but I shine the light on him and he doesn't move at all, I mean his gills aren't even moving. I hope that he is sleeping like you said. UPDATE: I just looked at him again with the flashlight and noticed that his gills are moving...
  4. saltwatersubie

    Mandarin dead

    Bought a Mandarin today, looked in the tank with a flashlight and noticed he is dead. Water parameters are perfect and everything else is alive and happy. Anyone have an idea on why he might have died?? I have a 34 gal Solana with 2 ocellaris clowns and a sixline.
  5. saltwatersubie


    I could, but I do live in an apartment at the moment. I guess I can always patch up the holes.
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    I wish I could fit the tank behind my dt but I would have to move my tank and stand to make any room. I guess I'll just have to put chaeto in the middle chamber and clip a little light on the back.
  7. saltwatersubie


    It doesn't have to be hidden, I would like it to be in the stand underneath the tank if possible.
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    I have a 34 gal Solana and would like to turn a little 2.5 gal into a fuge. Does anyone have any ideas on where to start??
  9. saltwatersubie

    Another sump/fuge question

    Thank you
  10. saltwatersubie

    Another sump/fuge question

    What size sump tank should I get for a 80 or 90 gal tank? I plan on making the sump myself, I just need to know what size would be appropriate.
  11. saltwatersubie

    There, I said it! Add yours!

    Umm lets see I'm 23 I buy a new Eeyore every time i go to Disneyland (I use to go multiple times a year when I lived in Cali) I love watching surgeries on Discovery Health channel I am obsessed with soda as long as it's diet I go to the gym and run 4 miles 5 days a week and I absolutely hate it!!!!
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    What's Everyone Driving These Days??

    Originally Posted by tonynader 08 CL63 AMG, 06 STi, Nice cars I also drive a 2006 STi, the other car is a 1999 chevy silverado.
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    Anemones and light?

    They don't really like too much flow but yes they do need MH's. I wouldn't attempt them with any other type of lighting.
  14. saltwatersubie

    How often do you feed your BTA

    I feed my 2 BTA's about once a week. Alex I love your avatar picture!!!!!
  15. saltwatersubie

    Dental People!! What's the difference between.....

    The difference between a Splint and Night Guard is that a Night Guard is only worn at night and a Splint may be worn full time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). here is a link to the website
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    Who Has the Coolest Car!

    Hey my subie also has a nice little start up.
  17. saltwatersubie

    Holy Crap, Holy Crap, Holy Crap!!!!!!

    Congrats with the twins!!! double the trouble double the fun
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    My tank so far

    I have had the Trumpet for at least 6 months and I just noticed a week ago that it has 2 new heads. I guess it's a slow grower You wouldn't love the kitty if you lived with him. He has a cat scratching post that has a ball with a little bell on it which is now my 5:30am alarm clock
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    My tank so far

    Last but not least......
  20. saltwatersubie

    My tank so far

    and some more