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  1. kowaleski

    what is your favorite place to eat?

    Miller's Ale House hands down best zingers aka boneless chicken wings Big red sandwich tons of draft beer
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    this was my Friday

    This is what I went through this past Friday luckily my house was not damaged in any way. I saw the f3 twister through the front windows of my store as it past no more then 500 yards, my store showed no damage either. One of my employees was not as lucky, as her whole house blew away along with...
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    I either tell them that the person just died or just keep saying Hello really loud like I can't hear them
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    RO/RODI water

    Originally Posted by PEZenfuego Nice people there, eh? VERY helpful and the pricing is reasonable. Yes I actually got over charged on shipping and didn't even know it til they sent me an email stating I was getting a partial refund- what other compnay would give back money like that?
  5. kowaleski

    RO/RODI water

    after see this thread I bought one from the filterguys
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    Blue Reef Aquarium UK finds coral killer...

    That thing is crazy I wonder how big they can get in the wild
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    John Camuta- debt into wealth

    Anyone tried it? know anything about it?
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    does anyone else have ocotpus BH-800s

    like the title says... I have some questions
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    Look Free Fish!!!!

    aww cra-p when I posted the link the fish all had a price of "0.00" infact the whole site did not as funny when you pull it up and had the prices back up I sware it did!!! but the Polish joke was good too
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    Look Free Fish!!!!

    I ordered one of everything- do you think it will fit in a 55 ?
  12. kowaleski

    new skimmer...

    Well I emailed the company I got it from and will wait to see what they say. I also emailed the manafacturer to see if they would cover the warranty if it should happen to spring a leak within the 2 years. If they will I'll just ask for a partail refund and not worry about sending it back.
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    Boy Scout Popcorn

    Originally Posted by PEZenfuego The thing is...we don't get money for our troop We would get little toys, radios, crappy pocket knives. Our benefit in selling was next to none. I'm sure the tropp made coin as well- they just don't let evryone know this is the same principal...
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    new skimmer...

    I found it for 225 and free shipping- everyone else was at least $30 more- they were out of stock
  15. kowaleski

    new skimmer...

    I ordered a new skimmer 2 weeks ago and it just arrived. but it has a crack but this thing is huge for a HOB its an Octopus 800 the crack doesn't go all the way through what would you do send it back or just deal with it?
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    180 gallon Reef tanks

    detane check your PM's
  17. kowaleski

    As seen on tv products.

    this is the worst one I have seen in a long time who would really buy this- it looks like it came out of the 80"s but really we would all love to have a big white thing attatched to the wall or mirror
  18. kowaleski

    I'm really jealous...

    funny thing is I didn't get a tank until I moved out of Florida But when I move back wife says she doesn't care how big of a tank I get
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    what is the ratio???

    I just bought a RO/DI unit from filter guys and started using it and I am just wondering what the ratio of good water to the disposed water? awesome guys by the way they overcharged me for shipping and then sent me an email stating I was getting a partial refund for shipping and is there...
  20. kowaleski

    life insurance...

    invest in this economy