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  1. fishrule

    55 Gallon Reef - T5 Lighting Help!

    Originally Posted by WangoTango For that price the 36" 4-bulb TEK would work (~$250 + bulbs), the 6-bulb TEK is ~$280 plus bulbs, or if you have a canopy a 36" 4-bulb Aquailluminations retrofit (~$360). I think I will go for the 6 bulb, but I can't seem to find one for only $280.00 + bulbs...
  2. fishrule

    DIY OverFlow Pipe

    That's AWESOME!!! I'm going to make one of these.
  3. fishrule

    Wet/Dry system

    Originally Posted by GeoJ Live rock rubble, filter bags w/media, sea shells, filter sponges. +1 Don't use Bio Balls, you'll have too many Nitrate Problems!
  4. fishrule

    55 Gallon Reef - T5 Lighting Help!

    So I've been searching the forum pages for simple answers and keep getting poor results. Also, the forum has been a bit buggy searching lately. I currently have a 36" Coralife Aqualight Pro with 1-150W MH 10k and 2-64W PC Actinics. I've had the tank up and running since late 2006 and had this...
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    emerald crabs

    I thought I was going to learn about emerald crabs in this thread, but instead I learned new feeding techniques. I knew I joined this forum for a reason. Never know what your going to learn day to day.
  6. fishrule

    Before and After frag swap (lots of pics)

    Very Nice. Wish I went to a coral swap.
  7. fishrule

    need help!!

    Do you have a Walmart in your town? If so, you can get 5 gallon refillable jugs and fill them up at a ro/di machine. Most Walmart's should have the filling stations. It usually only costs $2.90/5 gallons, which should last you a while for water changes in your 29g biocube. You should also use...
  8. fishrule

    coralreefer's 75 gallon build

    Originally Posted by small triggers Thats going to be some tight space to work with. Are you going to use PVC or the oex-like tubing? I know you said you wanted to be able to slide it out to work on it,, So I'm still voting for drawer sliders to make it easier,,, I agree, after looking at your...
  9. fishrule

    Midwest Fragfest

    I'm about 99% sure I'm going. Just convinced the wife. Thanks for the heads up...
  10. fishrule

    coralreefer's 75 gallon build

    coralreefer, That tank looks sweet. Can you please PM me with where you ordered it from?
  11. fishrule

    Is he still here??

    Flricordia, Can you email me so I can ask you a few questions? I have some questions that require a PM and you can't/wont receive PM's. You can email me: umbrellacorp2008 at Thanks.
  12. fishrule

    I just screwed my tank up!

    First question I have is, what type of sand did you add to your tank? Was it live sand or salt water tank sand from your LFS? I used to clean fresh water tanks for Dr. offices. I moved a 75 gallon tank for one of the doctors because he had it in front of a window which was causing the Acrylic...
  13. fishrule

    black bristleworm?

    Originally Posted by mudplayerx heh LOL, I was also picturing the Predator when i googled the worm.
  14. fishrule

    Best hight for lights 2", 4", 6", 8" ???

    Is there a benefit to having the lights closer or are they better further away? Were only talking about 4 to 8 inches of difference. Is it going to change things that much?
  15. fishrule

    Best hight for lights 2", 4", 6", 8" ???

    Originally Posted by meowzer LOL...I live in a tiny little town in S.E. Oklahoma called Valliant...Have you ever heard of Broken Bow Lake?? Yes. The closest I got to Valliant was Hugo.
  16. fishrule

    Best hight for lights 2", 4", 6", 8" ???

    meowzer, Where do you live in Oklahoma? I was just working there for a little over a year until late last summer. My wife and I were in McAlester then Oklahoma City (Bricktown). We miss OKC.
  17. fishrule

    Best hight for lights 2", 4", 6", 8" ???

    I think my lights might be too close to my tank. I have a 55 gallon tank that is open top. The tank is about 20" deep from the top of the tank to the top of the sand bed. My light is a Coralife Aqualight. It is 280 Watts. (1x150 MH 10,000k) (2x65 Watts PC Actinics) My lights a hung from the...
  18. fishrule

    1st Post NEW ZOO ID!!!

    Kind of looks like a Morph to Rastas or at least similar.
  19. fishrule

    Zoas or Pallys? ID with Pic

    Looks like some aiptasia on the left between the zoas. I would get rid of it fast. The aiptasia that is. Zoas looks great, Originally Posted by NYHCx516x 2 items. 1 - any ID on these? (pic was taken under atinics, so that may distort them) 2 - the look more like pallys i think? If so, what...
  20. fishrule

    Might Start a 180 Gallon Reef, Need Advise

    Thanks for the info. Now to convince the wife.