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  1. chuggy

    coral for sale, make me an offer.

    how much for the hubba bubba to 44143
  2. chuggy

    WTB: Berghia Nudibranch

    i put 3 in mine and havent seen em since. i still have aptasia
  3. chuggy

    Thermos swap?

    can i still join?
  4. chuggy

    parting out 120gal saltwater setup!!!!

    if there 660 ballasts ill take the lights
  5. chuggy

    Thermos swap?

    Im In
  6. chuggy

    Zoas for sale or trade

    i have a toadstool about 6" tall with very long polyps how many zoas would you trade for
  7. chuggy

    misc items - bradenton, fl

    how much for the skimmer shipped to 44143?
  8. chuggy

    WTB 2 protein skimmers

    i have a remora pro with a mag 3 pump for 100
  9. chuggy

    Phytoplankton for sale: Nannochloropsis

    i need 20 oz to 44143
  10. chuggy

    WTB: 48" T5HO setup

    chuck martin 5720 highland rd highland hts, oh 44143
  11. chuggy

    WTB: Pulsing Xenia

    have anything to trade?
  12. chuggy

    Current USA Lunar Light/Link—Moon White, Nocturnal Blue

    if they back out ill take em
  13. chuggy

    FS ^^^ 120g with... New!!!

    i would be interested in the uv shipped to 44143
  14. chuggy

    copper test kit

    api copper test kit used once $10 shipped
  15. chuggy

    90 gallon tank stand canopy

    I have a 90 gallon tank with stand and canopy all nice. canopy has 6 pc bulbs 440 watts total. Pics can be viewed here.
  16. chuggy

    Bright red shrooms f/s

    did you get the pp payment?
  17. chuggy

    Bright red shrooms f/s

    ill take 10 red shrooms to 44143 send shipping costs and paypal info
  18. chuggy

    2 Koralia #1 powerheads for sale...Brand new!!

    I still want the other
  19. chuggy

    2 Koralia #1 powerheads for sale...Brand new!!

    put me in line for 1 if the deal falls through
  20. chuggy

    Up for adoption!!:)

    i just set up an extra tank and would be happy to house them im in highland hts call me 440-749-3251 chuck