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  1. jeremy mct

    My Modest Zoa Collection

    Flricordia I am sorry to use this ro get a hold of you, but for some reason I can not send you a private message. I have not been on here in a while as I had back sugery, but I could have swore they had a separate thread for selling items. You can reach me at my name jeremymctaggart then at hot...
  2. jeremy mct

    do fish nip at blue linkias?

    Although you seem exteamly knowledgeable about these, I have to disagree. I had a blue linkia and the blue damsels went right for it and did the same to mine. I am ready to flush both of the damsels down the toilet. This is the third thing they have killed in my tank.
  3. jeremy mct

    Zoa's FS

    Do you know what shipping would be to 48601? Thanks Jeremy
  4. jeremy mct

    algae mat id - cyanobacteria?

    I don't know what it is, but the lfs told me to leave it. Mine is about a half inch thick now.
  5. jeremy mct

    Hermits eating all my snails

    Originally Posted by SpiderWoman My hermits are killing each other and right now leaving all snails alone. Every week I see a set of hermit legs under a rock. I'm tempted to get rid of the hermits all together too. In my 55 I have 2 hermits dragging a large Mexican Turbo shell around. Looks...
  6. jeremy mct

    first time getting corals with usps

    It almost seems like the tables are turned around and this is just a way to try to get ammunition. The name of the seller was never revealed. So maybe this was not a case of a shipment that didn't come, but the opposite. Did you try and ship something and are trying to get out of your obligation...
  7. jeremy mct

    corallife 220 skimmer for sale

    can you send me a picture please to
  8. jeremy mct

    $5 Kenya Special!

    if you are still doing your buy two get one free, I'll take six shipped to 48601 please e-mail me at
  9. jeremy mct

    How to price SPS?

    please e-mail me at and let me know what you want for one of each and shipped to 48601
  10. jeremy mct

    Nice zoa pack...

    you sold one entire pack or the entire amount you had to sell? e-mail me if you have anything left
  11. jeremy mct

    SPS Frag packs for sale

    do you still have any left and what size are your frags? Please e-mail me at
  12. jeremy mct

    Clown Tang withering

    Thank you both for your help. I took him in to the local pet store and they tried to nurse him back to health. I stopped in today and he didn't make it. They think he may have had an internal parisite.
  13. jeremy mct

    Clown Tang withering

    he didn't get sucked into the filter. I feed them daily with the spectrum pellets and the frozen mysis. every few days I put some leaf algee in the feeding clip. He seems to be eating nornal and the poop is normal too. swimming ok but is laboring a little. just sunken in and really thin.
  14. jeremy mct

    Clown Tang withering

    I bought a clown tang from 19days ago. He was doing great, but today I was looking at him and it is like someone put a vacume seel to his body. Where his face was rounded, it has two sunken in spots and the rest of his body is really thin. he seems to be eating normal. This get...
  15. jeremy mct

    Clown losing tail fin

    I agree 100% with another fish is chewing on the clown, but have never heard of zoecon. What is it and what does it do if you soak their food in it?
  16. jeremy mct

    Help! What are these white spots?

    Ich is more like a little grain of salt stuck to him, I can not tell from your picture. Most of the time you will find it on the fins or gills first, so I don't think that is what it is unless it is a real bad case of it. If that is the case and they look like salt crystals on him, I would do a...
  17. jeremy mct

    Nitrates high, I think it is due to shaving brush-need help

    That is what I did today. The store sample said it was around 40-50. Leason learned on the strips. I was wondering why I didn't have alge growing everywhere. It is still higher then I want it, but much better than 160. I bought another filter today too, that claims it removes nitrates. I added...
  18. jeremy mct

    Nitrates high, I think it is due to shaving brush-need help

    Thank you, I do regular water changes and I just added a 30gal sump to a 55gal tank, so I don't know why it is so high. I am wondering if it isn't the testing stips. The local store was out of the liguid testing supplies so I bought the strips. Like I have siad, i have never had a problem...
  19. jeremy mct

    Nitrates high, I think it is due to shaving brush-need help

    I usually check all the water chemistry once a week. I have been doing it daily since last Wednesday. I took the shaving brush out and put it in a bowl that had water in it from the tank. I swished it around and got rid of a lot of the dead/decaying "bristles" and pulled some off that didn't...
  20. jeremy mct

    Nitrates high, I think it is due to shaving brush-need help

    I just bought some shaving brush plants from last Wednesday. They arrived half dead and stinking to high heaven. I have never been around it before so I didn't know at the time that it was in such a bad state. It was a brownish and white color and when I spoke with the customer...