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  1. fuerte91

    maroon clownfish

    To start off with, are you getting a gold barred maroon, or a regular one with the white bars? I have experience with the white bars which are notorious for being the most aggressive of the clownfish species, while the gold bar is a little more passive. They are extremely hardy fish, mine was...
  2. fuerte91

    clownfish fighting

    how long should clownfish fight when establishing dominance? i introduced an onyx last night,but i don't know how long to let them fight. The onyx that was in the tank first, didn't seem too interested, but definately squabbling with each other.
  3. fuerte91

    24 JBJ nanocube powerheads

    I set mine up yesterday, and notices theres no place for me to put an other powerheads or heater( no spaces in the tank)
  4. fuerte91

    Sun Supplys Tek T5HO Fixture Reviews

    i have a 4x54 watt on my 55. i absolutely love it! It's just a shame that i have to sell it since i have to downsize
  5. fuerte91

    how to break rocks aprat

    Well, I;m downsizing my tank, and i want to break some rocks that have coral attached to them. How do you guys do it, or any other advice? Thanks
  6. fuerte91

    frogspawn in a biocube?

    yea, you're good. i've even seen them at the bottom in the sand. i still would try to keep it as close to the light as possibe
  7. fuerte91

    24g Aquapod vs 29g Biocube

    im just saying that a pistol would do fine in a 5 gallon, meaning it would have plenty of room in 29g biocube
  8. fuerte91

    29g biocube lighting

    depends on how many bulbs, and more importantly if it has individual reflectors. you dont want a light with reflectors that is one piece of aluminum, bent in different spots, but each light has its own piece of aluminum Anyways, now that i think about it, that should be enough either way
  9. fuerte91

    24g Aquapod vs 29g Biocube

    yea a pistol shrimp should have no problem fitting in a 5 gallon tank since they dig all day. As someone else mentioned, make sure your rocks touch the glass, and give it a nice deep sand bed. Hint: the trick i used to keep my shrimp in the front of the tank was to put more sand in the front...
  10. fuerte91

    24g Aquapod vs 29g Biocube

    yea i think im gonna go with a Nano cube, since the company is selling the 24g for $240.00 w/ free stand and $60 shipping And yes the yellow watchmen are awesome! Mine is paired up with a 3" tiger pistol
  11. fuerte91

    24g Aquapod vs 29g Biocube

    Which is better in your opinions on them, and which would you reccomend? I'm downsizing from my 55 for college. the fish i plan on keeping are: 2 Onyx Clowns, Yellow Watchman Goby, Royal Gramma, And 6 Line Wrasse. Thanks
  12. fuerte91

    Fire shrimp cant find her?

    fire shrimp are very shy creatures. It may have just found a spot where you can't see it. Have you actually taken all the rock out?
  13. fuerte91

    shrimp / goby

    i have a yellow watchman goby and a tiger pistol shrimp. i have one of those pistols that loves to be working all day. He's grown to a nice size now, looks like 3"
  14. fuerte91

    Reef Safe Butterflyfish??

    i have a magazine at home that has an article about this. i'll put it in when i get home. if i remember correctly, they all nip at corals, but each one only nips at certain corals
  15. fuerte91

    Mini Carpet Anemone

    have you tryed searching under Corallimorph(sp?) mushrooms. i got 2 from my lfs, they both seem to be be mini carpet anemones
  16. fuerte91

    Frag Crate?

    Originally Posted by nycbob when i first got mine, most employees at home depot had no idea what light diffuser or eggcrates were. i had to find it myself through the aisle. i'm too lazy to do that
  17. fuerte91

    Frag Crate?

    lowes doesn't have it(or they have no idea what i was talking about)
  18. fuerte91

    New lighting system help

    oh, that's interesting. the one i have now does not have the individual reflectors. thanks for the advice
  19. fuerte91

    New lighting system help

    hhhmmm, the only thing that's holding me back from getting an MH fixture is the overheating, as the fixture i have now makes the water a little warmer than i would want. I'm glad i got your reply, because on a similar post, i was told that much light was excessive for a 55 gallon tank. btw, i...
  20. fuerte91

    Clown Goby or something else

    i must agree, he has to be talking about a mantis shrimp. the only was i could think of it breaking the glass is if it digs through the sand under unsteady rock work, causing a rockslide. I've had my tiger pistol for a year now, and has done no such thing