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  1. txfishman

    2 Toadfish?

    They should be good as long as they are the same size. As for your pin fish they are bulldozers! You have to try to kill one of them.
  2. txfishman

    Where did this come from?

    It is a rock anemone. I can catch those here localy. They do not need high lighting.
  3. txfishman


    I got eyes like a hawk.
  4. txfishman

    what kind of polyp is this

    it is a paly. Do not kill it!
  5. txfishman

    125 Predator Build

    looks good. Your toad fish has some strange poses!
  6. txfishman


    There are snails eggs in pic #3
  7. txfishman

    Blue Ring

    Just please remember, a blue ring can kill you and whatever you do remember that you have a life in your hands. Keep to eels and damsels. You can keep them alive.
  8. txfishman

    What would you trade?

    I would see if you can find someone who would want to trade a crosshatch trigger for it if you realy want to get rid of it.
  9. txfishman

    stonefish help

    He shouldnt bother anything that can not fit in his mouth.
  10. txfishman

    stonefish help

    got you mixed up with someone else. lol
  11. txfishman

    stonefish help

    Those sgt majors will get ate. The hook will heal. I would put him with your other frog fish after QT.
  12. txfishman

    stonefish help

    Hard to tell. What did you cetch it on? That you can start feeding it on a try weaning it to something else.
  13. txfishman

    stonefish help

    How big is he? Take a picture so we can see what he is. Are you sure it is not a dogfish?
  14. txfishman

    My 75 build

  15. txfishman

    Help!! Fish with swollen?? eye

    is it pop eye?
  16. txfishman

    Can I use this knife underwater?

    palytoxin is one of the most dangerous of all toxins. Be carefull when fraging! As far as the knife, yes you will be fine.
  17. txfishman

    New LR came with Corals, help ID please!

    1 yellow polyps 2 green star polyps 3 looks loke sponge 4 dunno 5 bleached mushrooms or maybe rics or yumas.
  18. txfishman

    My trip the lfs.

    a candycane pistol shrimp?
  19. txfishman

    Mulit Color Angel and Coral Beauty

    You should be fine.