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  1. fishman830

    180 gallon glass cage for sale!! Northern NJ

    Tank no longer for sale.
  2. fishman830

    For you young parents out there!

    stuff like this is why i don't drink.
  3. fishman830

    How do you fund your hobby???

    Originally Posted by aquapro_1 My daughter has your son beat! she turned 3 last Sat. But in May, her docs visit she was weighing in at 52#'s and was 42 tall. We went to Disneyworld at the end of Sept and she was able to ride all rides, not that she was interested...But she is 45', now and was...
  4. fishman830

    LFS at it again for a dollar from a newbie

    i donno how far away you guys are, but there's a place in clifton... that's the one i was talkin' about it's AWESOME
  5. fishman830

    LFS at it again for a dollar from a newbie

    Now see what fishman said. That a LFS you would be more inclined to shop at and use. If they are going out of their way to make sure you understand that particular critters needs and have no problem showing and going over it with a customer. That to me is a LFS that should be given praised too...
  6. fishman830

    LFS at it again for a dollar from a newbie

    there's this LFS around me.. bout 25 mins away, now it's well worth the ride because they're so freakin' good. they bend backwards to help you out with a problem. i was looking for a cure of my hair algae, and the sales associate went out of his way to ask his boss what he'd recomend
  7. fishman830

    Clean up crew - new recruits

    6-12 monthes?
  8. fishman830

    Fish traps, anyone ever use one?

    in my opinion.. fi sh are way too smart to go in " the trap" on top of the fact i found it very difficult to use, i wish i hadn't spent the money, i suggest that you go in late late at night, turn the lights on and use nets, i did it this way and had to move minimal amounts of rocks, the lights...
  9. fishman830

    Most expensive LFS buys

    Originally Posted by Kreckner $200.00 for a Black Tang $150.00 for a Chevron Tang $130.00 for a 3" Flame Angel $40.00 for a freakin Peppermint Shrimp Yep, marine fish are expensive here in the Twin Cities. only way i'd ever pay for any of those is if they either poop diamonds or frags
  10. fishman830

    Do Fish See color?

    that wouldn't apply to animals without eyes ... that's what i was saying in my other post
  11. fishman830

    Does anyone else do this . . .

    i do it! and usually i got 2 steps ata time too
  12. fishman830

    motocross has awsome frags i got three

    where's he located??
  13. fishman830

    Revised Stock list - 180

    actually i was thinking about a harlequin tusk, beautiful fish, i didn't want to get a yellow tang, though i love them, i wanted to try different fish.
  14. fishman830

    stocking for a fowlr 210

    simply saying " get rid of it when it gets bigger " is a bad statement, due to the fact that it can be very very difficult to get rid of it... i wouldn't get it if i were you
  15. fishman830

    Revised Stock list - 180

    ha, i actually origional had the regal angel on my list but upon further reading, they need a diet of sponge, a diet i won't think i'd be able to steadily provide
  16. fishman830

    Revised Stock list - 180

    Ok, no problem, So then what more could i get with the following Show Size Blue Hippo Red Sea Naso Tang Coral Catshark
  17. fishman830

    killer fish...

    i used the darkness of night to catch my clarkii, i waited till the lights were out then went in at about 1:30 in the morning,flipped the actinics on, and i bagged 'em w/ 2 huge nets, i had 300 lbs of live rock, but he was so disorientated, that he didn't put up much fight
  18. fishman830

    what's the 1st thing you wish you had known

    i wish i knew that live rock was a must.
  19. fishman830

    Revised Stock list - 180

    Do your worst! will this work out for a 180 FOWLR 1 Coral Catshark 1 Show-sized Blue Hippo Tang 1 Red Sea Naso 1 Longnose Butterfly
  20. fishman830

    Xenia attached to Hermit

    In my opinion, it'll be just fine there.