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  1. ross

    PFO 400w ballast

    For sale is a PFO 400w HQI bran new ballast. I bought it for a tank I was setting up and never ended up using it. Still in the box, just like new!! Price is $130 shipped, please dont hesitiate to ask any questions. It may be faster to reach me by email. ross.quarles at
  2. ross

    anyone ever sell plasma?

    any idea....i have no idea...$10, $50?
  3. ross

    anyone ever sell plasma?

    I'm about to i think...i need some money. How much can I expect to get?
  4. ross

    anyone ever oder stereo stuff from cartonix

    I ordered an amp from on christmas day and it still hasnt arrived. I have emailed them about tracking it, and called them but they wont answer or return the email. Anyone ever had this problem?
  5. ross

    lyrics question

    I've tried it a million times and all i can come up with is 'my love by justin timerlake' its definately not that song.
  6. ross

    lyrics question

    no no no i know that song, its pretty gay. this song is pretty old and sounds like john mayer meets 3 doors down or something.
  7. ross

    lyrics question

    anybody know the name of the song thats like 'baby you amaze me i want to let you see your everything and more to me' its kinda older, well maybe like 2000 or so, it sorta sounds john mayer-ish but its not him. i looked and couldn't find it.
  8. ross

    girl help

    Be confident man, the single most important thing. Always be confident.
  9. ross

    Best Movie of all time!!!

    forest gump!!!!
  10. ross

    Most expensive LFS buys

    Originally Posted by SiNaLOa213 i saw i 500 dollar blue clam ........ ..... ... .. . by the way it was 18 in. long funny part about it .....IT SOLD If its a squasmosa, which im assuming it is b/c its 18in, thats dirt cheap. Normally blue squasmosas that are 5-6in go for around $500.
  11. ross


    whats up who has myspace?? and if your gonna just say 'i hate myspace' or 'myspace is a waste of time', please dont respond.
  12. ross

    Evicting dam-sels from a reef tank?

    NOOOO dont take all the rock out!!! Just try leaving the net in for a few days until they get used to it, they catch them when you feed them. The best way IMO is to just take a pump and pump out all the water into trash cans and grab the fish, dont move your rock or anything just pump the water...
  13. ross

    What Clam Should I get?

    Derasa are the easiest, followed by a squasmosa, then the crocea and maximas are a little bit more difficult. With your lighting your good to keep any of them, but you may be better off starting with the derasa just to get there cheaper.
  14. ross

    jobs at 15

    I use to make alot of money pet-sitting. Just print out some flyers...tell them you can take care of dogs, cats, salwater and freshwater fish tanks, etc. Somtimes you will get people with spoiled rotten dogs who will pay you some serious bucks to baby them for a few days. It was fun for me, but...
  15. ross

    Why wont my zoos open?????

    Just take them out and go over them with a magnifying glass removing any snails or nudis you find. Then throw them in some fw with the same temp for like 5-10min, if they're still relatively healthy they should make it.
  16. ross

    150W MH on 12gal. Too much?

    I have 150w halide and 3x24w pcs over my 12g and its awesome...
  17. ross

    alot of money,what to do?

    You dont sound like you really need the money, but there are tons of people out there who do. Help someone out. Ya know what they say what goes around comes around!
  18. ross

    Project 270

    Looks good, only thing i would rethink are the skimmers, i am assuming your talking about aqua c remora or urchins, either way i would go with something bigger.
  19. ross


    If you get 20k bulbs you wont, but if you go with 10k bulbs you may...
  20. ross

    12 Gal NC DLX Pics:UPDATE

    Nice tank BTW.