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  1. grue

    Inexpensive MH Bulbs

    I found some MH bulbs on that auction site that were so cheap they stunned me. Anyone have any experience with a 400W MH that cost about 20 bucks for 2 bulbs? **** even if they only last 6 months I would be happy to use them. If you care to see the item they are under his bay of ****** Grue
  2. grue

    Fuge isn't working

    +1 on Light Just as with all the turf scrubbers, light is the main ingredient. I went to that big hardware store depo and got a security light. Funny thing is they are selling a 65w Flourex 6500k bulb for 45.00 I opted for the 100w version and Have been throwing cheto in the garbage monthly...
  3. grue


    Increased water Volume Allows Skimmers,Ca reactors, Heaters Etc a place to live out of sight Allows you to Dose in a area for better and a bit slower dispersion (Fresh water Kalk Iron etc. Grue
  4. grue

    Will an iodine dip kill aiptasia?

    peppermint shrimps 2 =) Grue
  5. grue

    My All Zoa Tank or Soon to Be All Zoa Tank

    Nice Zoo's. Horrable Pictures! May I suggest Grue
  6. grue

    metal hilades????????

    Have you been to the new section? Your tank is cycling. You may wish to start here Good luck Grue
  7. grue

    Camera question

    Max is giving a nice how to. Good luck Grue
  8. grue

    Atari 2600

    We had the The Worlds First Personal Computer The Amazing Commodore PET Funny to see how things have changed and how others take credit for gui's On our PET we used a pakage from berkley software solutions. Not really color but orange and black. I rember running CPM+...
  9. grue

    If you were forced to leave the USA...

    Monaco. Western Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of France, near the border with Italy. Weekends on the beach, Weekdays eating pasta drinking wine and just being an annoying dirty old man. Grue
  10. grue

    Plumbing Re-design Blog

    Man I hate teflon tape. I only use the paste now Grue
  11. grue

    Nikon camera settings and detailed user guide

    Great job Grue
  12. grue

    IMMEDIATE HELP: Tang nipping silicone seal.

    Ok, Took another look. I see a seam that is comming loose. I see parts of the seam that is missing. This does not change my mind as to the need to reseal the tank. Grue
  13. grue

    Nikon camera settings and detailed user guide

    Sony Cyber shot Or should I say Sony Blurry headache maker Grue
  14. grue

    Tank upgrade advice

    Anytime you add new sand/rock there will be a cycle. The amount and/or severity is dependant on how much is added. Grue
  15. grue

    IMMEDIATE HELP: Tang nipping silicone seal.

    As I understand it, the actual seal is between the 2 panes of glass. Very thin Sealant line. The Bead seal you see inside the tank is there for strength. After all you dont want all that water pressure on a 2-4 micron seal/seam do you. With that said, it is my belief your tank needs to be...
  16. grue

    IMMEDIATE HELP: Tang nipping silicone seal.

    Romain lettuce This will give hime something to nip on when he is bored. Mine go thru 2 Leafs a day. 12-14" Big sheets. And they are about half of the size they will be. Hippo is about 3" Powder blue is about 4.5" and Yellow is a bit over 5.
  17. grue

    NObama 09' - very good points

    Hey you started it with the Bama Talk =p Btw how are your fishes? Grue
  18. grue

    NObama 09' - very good points

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman There is currently a 3+ page post titled "does anyone actually like Palin". Did you ask for it to be deleted? There is nothing against forum rules in this thread. No I quit posting there after you decided you didnt like my post and using your Mod Powers Warned...
  19. grue

    Fish die, other stuff doesn't.

    Yes tank could still be cycling. Rock can take as long as 6 months. As to adding LR to the q tank. NO. Q tanks aka Hospital may need to be dosed with meds, copper Etc. Most likely kill anything on/in the rock. Just a basic filter heater. Expect to do water changes 2 to 3 times a week. Gallon...
  20. grue

    NObama 09' - very good points

    These kinda threads will stir up a bunch of CRAP. Sounds like a bunch of white america is scared. I dont buy this guy actually wrote this. It kinda crap just pisses me off. Hey Mods Delete this whole thread. Grue