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  1. tgill

    Anyone have Cleaner Shrimp and Coral Banded Shrimp

    I have a cbs and a cleaner for over a year. The cleaner just stays out of the cbs's way. I like how the cbs thinks he is the king of the tank.
  2. tgill

    Linckia and Bali Star

    No sweat. That is why I asked.
  3. tgill

    Linckia and Bali Star

    I currently have a Blue Linckia and it is doing fine. A red bali star at a pet shop has caught my eye. He(or she) is about 1 1/2 inch from tip to tip. Will these guys compete for food or do they eat a different diet? I understand not much is known about the Linckia diet but what do we know...
  4. tgill

    Linkia Question

    I have a red brittle star...They dont eat the same stuff, right? I was looking at a Red Bali Star but I believe the Bali is in the Linckia(thanks Bang Guy) family and they would eat the same stuff. I did not get the Bali Star as I have not read enough about them. Where is your fav fish store...
  5. tgill

    Linkia Question

    I have a 75 gal with about 150 # of live rock. It is just under 3 years old and doing very well. And I am a big fan of the $5.00 frags. I got a peice of rock with two stocks of xenia about 2 inches long the other day and they have doubled in size!!!!
  6. tgill

    Linkia Question

    I got him from City Pets over on Beechnut. They told me they took alot of time to accl. him. ( I know that they all say that but it never hurts to ask).
  7. tgill

    Linkia Question

    About three weeks ago I purchased a Blue Linckia from my fav. local pet store. I acclimated him/or her for ever 4 hrs. My question is when am I out of the woods as far as osmo shock problems.
  8. tgill

    Xenia frags in Houston

    Anyone in Houston have a piece of Xenia that they want me to take care of? I dont have anything to trade(yet). Brian
  9. tgill

    Survival Story

    My RBTA died on me last week and poisoned my entire tank. When my lights turned on last sunday all my fish (2 clowns, hawk, dotty back, bi pseudo) were laying on the botton gasping for water. I was in the middle of cooking dinner for my wifes parents and had to leave to go buy some water for...
  10. tgill

    Algae outbreak

    I had a similar prob. i cut back on feeding and also blew off my rocks with a powerhead....really made a nice difference.
  11. tgill

    Coral Suggestions

    If you get a plate coral go with the short tenticle. Cool coral that is really ez to keep.
  12. tgill

    Another Kalkwasser Question

    Hello all, I am going to try the Kalkwasser system and after reading all of the Kalk 101 etc... I still have some questions. 1st. Everything says the system needs to be stable before you start to utilize. My system is 2 years old and I have been using the 2 part buffer weekly and liquid...
  13. tgill

    stuck cowfish

    My Tang did the same thing. The first time I was able to save him the second I was not.
  14. tgill

    Magfloat question?

    Be careful if you are playing with it before you put it into your tank. It bit my wifes hand and her finger was back and blue....
  15. tgill

    Powerhead vs. Tang

    Yeah, The first time I had to rescue him. He was fine had a "hickey" and started to get alittle "ick" after the stress for the whole incident but was just about to kick it.
  16. tgill

    Powerhead vs. Tang

    My powerhead killed my Yellow Tang. I have heard of powerheads eating anemonies but not fish. It happend last weeks but I found him before it was too late. I thought he might have leard his lesson but when I came home yesterday found dead tang attached to my powerhead. Has this happened to...
  17. tgill

    Clown Convulsions

    I also have an epileptic clown fish. Doing great had him for about two years
  18. tgill

    My refug ideas

    If I do it that way wouldent 700 gph in a 10 gal fuge be too much flow?(70x turnover rate)
  19. tgill

    My refug ideas

    The filter sock is not in the fuge is in the sump which is after the fuge. (ie water from display tank -> 1/2 water to sump other 1/2 water to fuge .... fuge water to sump and back to display. (not very clear but kinda understandable)
  20. tgill

    My refug ideas

    The reason for me not putting the fuge overflow into the sock is I think I will loose the pods from the fuge. I am concerned about stuff from the fuge getting into my pump so I am thinking about ways to stop that (baffles etc..)