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  1. triton

    Trying To Decide Between 2 Skimmers - Advice

    I have a 90G reef system & 40G sump with a heavy bio-load. I have things narrowed down to the following 2 skimmers: Reef Octopus Hurricone Cat 2 Internal Skimmer Same pump as used in Bubble Kings. 80scf rated airflow. Reef Octopus Extreme 200...
  2. triton

    Heavy Protein Skimming With Soft Corals

    I had a discussion today with a veteran reefer. He suggested that soft corals do not do as well in aquariums with heavy protein skimming. He thinks that slightly dirtier water provides a better enviornment for them. His suggestion that really heavy skimming creates an ideal enviornment for LPS...
  3. triton

    cpr bak pak

    Originally Posted by gio28 i have heard from several people that this is a great skimmer/filter. i am thinking about putting one on my 36 reef. but there are a couple things about it that i wanted to if the bio-bale it comes with is effective and if not then if i could put something...
  4. triton

    Feedback - Can My System Support A Heavy Bio-Load

    Originally Posted by Stanlalee I dont think there can be a definative answer to that question. A heavy bioload can be dealt with via water changes even with inadequate equipment but are most people going to get sick of doing abnormally large and frequent water changes to make up for it...
  5. triton

    Feedback - Can My System Support A Heavy Bio-Load

    I would like some feedback from some experienced reefers. Could my existing system support a heavy bio-load? I eventually want to have a heavy bio-load, but don't want to upgrade equipment unless it is really needed. 90 Gallon 100+ Lbs Live Rock 2x Koralis 4 Power Heads CPR Dual Bak Pak Protein...
  6. triton

    Most Overcrowded Tank I Have Ever Seen

    Do you think this tank is a bit overcrowded? [url]*** the video is full of profanity so is not acceptable for this board -Sep
  7. triton

    in over my head with new elos 215 gallon setup

    Did you invest in a quarantine system? I would quarantine all new fish for at least 2 weeks in copper or hyposalinity before adding them to your tank. You have a parasite free system; keep it that way.
  8. triton

    Best Skimmer For $500.00?

    What would be your best recommendation for a skimmer in the $500 range?
  9. triton

    I'm getting a 750 gal...need ideas!

    Originally Posted by crypt keeper ICH is not a big deal too people who know what they are doing. I could not dissagree with you more. People that know what they are doing understand what a problem Ich really is, and how destructive it is to the hobby. I am not trying to be argumentative; I...
  10. triton

    90 Gallon Aggressive Build - Need Feedback

    The feedback from this thread has been good. My point is, if you are going to reply, do so with some substance. I will mod my stock list to something around the following: Volation Lion Blue Throat Trigger Lunar Wrasse Yellow Tang Maroon Clown Snowflake Eel Next question, what would be the best...
  11. triton

    Which Triggers work well with Lions?

    Does anyone know which triggers have the best success with Lions? Blue Throat Ni gger Anything else?
  12. triton

    90 Gallon Aggressive Build - Need Feedback

    Originally Posted by Cranberry There's no way a 90g will be able to support that. There's also some major incompatibility issues there. Cran, This 2 liner didn't add any value to the discussion. I am of the oppinion that my initial list would work just fine in a 90 gallon. At least for a...
  13. triton

    90 Gallon Aggressive Build - Need Feedback

    Originally Posted by AquaKnight Definitely skip the wrasse like crypt said. Just too much fish for a 90. I'm sure we all wouldn't mind having a black-tip shark or two, but none of us have tank's appropriate for one and therefore don't keep them. That and decide on either the Lion or Picasso...
  14. triton

    90 Gallon Aggressive Build - Need Feedback

    120 Lbs live rock CPR Dual Pack skimmer - modded for both venturi and air diffuser Cascade Canister filter Water movement: Koralis Hydro 4 Maxijet Powerhead
  15. triton

    90 Gallon Aggressive Build - Need Feedback

    Thanks Crypt Keeper. I might try the wrasse anyway, as I love it. What are your thoughts on bio-load? Could it safely support additional livestock?
  16. triton

    Large Blue Spiny Lobster with Triggers?

    Do you guys think a large blue spiny lobster can survive with triggers?
  17. triton

    90 Gallon Aggressive Build - Need Feedback

    Let me know what you guys think. 90 Gallon Volatian Lion Blue Throat Trigger Picasso Trigger Lunar Wrasse Snowflake Eeel Maroon Clown Yellow Tang
  18. triton

    New Strains of Ich - Beware

    No, the drug will wipe your reef and inverts if you put it in your display. It needs to be used in a QT system like most medications. It is nasty stuff, but very very effective. It really does a number on Ich. I want to make people aware of this. This forum is littered with folks that have Ich...
  19. triton

    New Strains of Ich - Beware

    I am not going to publicly advertise it in an open forum. Part of the problem with mutating ich, is constant exposure to one time effective treatments; copper and hyposalinity. If people do not treat correctly, it is possible that Ich could begin to mutate and gain immunity to this drug as well...