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  1. maurice

    WTB Two 175w Metal Halide ballasts

    Originally Posted by slipknot23 Maurice can you hold it till friday ? Yeah just shoot me a message or email when your ready!
  2. maurice

    WTB Two 175w Metal Halide ballasts

    slipknot, I have a brand new PFO duel 175 ballast for sale for 150 plus shipping.I decided to setup a smaller tank and didn't use it.
  3. maurice

    Metal Halide for SPS!?

    jonny, I would like to know how to contact your friend about buying some of his SPS frags,if you would email me at with info i would appreciate it.Thanks
  4. maurice

    Foxface reef safe?

    I have one in one of my reefs and he has never bothered anything at all other than algae sheets.
  5. maurice

    Metal Halide for SPS!?

    Well said reefer!
  6. maurice

    F/S 175w MH triple ballast package

    Originally Posted by JOE123 How Much Do These Bulbs Run And How Often Do You Have To Change Them...joe Joe, MH bulbs run from around 69-120 a bulb and usually last about a year or around 4000 burn hours!It is a great buy for anyone looking to get in MH.
  7. maurice

    mushrooms not growing

    Are you dosing any iodine?They like it alot,just dose it as instructed.
  8. maurice

    my two newest corals..

    Nice additions!
  9. maurice

    What do i feed my mandarin? (Supplemental Feeding)

    Mine loves live brine,but he also eats any prepared food i put in the tank now also.I think your fine with that much LR though.
  10. maurice

    algea id please

    Looks like green hair algae to me.
  11. maurice

    New Additions 11/8/05

    I got some really nice corals today,i hope everyone likes them.Let me know what you think.
  12. maurice

    New Additions!

    Originally Posted by wax32 Cool, I hope you have good luck with him. Is he in the 190? Yes,that way he has plenty of room to grow.I just bought him because he was different and i don't see them hardly ever,gotta have at least one odd ball in the bunch.
  13. maurice

    New Additions!

    Yeah i plan to try and get him eating my frozen foods i make,i have only had him a few days so he is still getting used to the new tank.
  14. maurice

    New Additions!

    Yes he is eating the frozen brine cubes.
  15. maurice

    New additions w/pics!

    Very nice additions,and good pics.The sea hare is so ugly he's almost cute.
  16. maurice

    New Additions!

    I have been pretty busy the past few weeks to post as i got them but here are some new additions that i have gotten in the past weeks,sorry the pics are not great,the new 20k's are very hard to take pics under.Let me know what you think about my new friends!
  17. maurice

    Any heater recommendations?

    I use the won brothers,pro heat 2 titanium heaters and like them alot.They have a temp probe and a digital temp display so you can always monitor your temp.
  18. maurice

    Couple quick questions?

    Originally Posted by jdragunas oops, and btw, NICE lobster! He's so cute!!! I just may get one... I like him alot more than i thought i would,i figured he would stay hid most of the time,but not the case at all.He is all over the tank checking things out,i even hand fed him some shrimp already...
  19. maurice

    Couple quick questions?

    This is the new blue spiny,my potters angel is still getting adapted to his new home!