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  1. xeniaman

    corals not growing, why?

    thanks for the replies, I ordered some seachem reef builder and will pull out the Halimeda to get my kh in line. I do a 40 gallon water change every other week, and run my skimmer 24/7. Halimeda looks great but may be my main problem with my alkalinity being low
  2. xeniaman

    corals not growing, why?

    I have a 240 gallon mixed reef tank msx 250 skimmer 4 175 watt halides with spider reflectors and 6 month old xm 15k bulbs 4 koralia #4's 200 lbs of liverock 40 gallon sump/refugium 200 lbs of live sand hippo tang 5" sailfin tang 6" midas blenny percula clowns (2) dusky wrasse 4" juve emp angel...
  3. xeniaman

    some pic i took today

    looks great, keep up the good work
  4. xeniaman

    Why does it have to be so hard?

    With corals, especially leathers, it is better just to leave them alone. The more you move them the more they have to acclimate to their surrounding conditions. I learned the hard way with my first leather
  5. xeniaman

    450 gallon reef

    nice natural looking tank, keep up the good work
  6. xeniaman

    What's Everyone Driving These Days??

    me 06 avalanche wife 07 pacifica
  7. xeniaman

    post your fish list!

    240 reef 2 true percs 1 sailfin tang 1 hippo tang 1 midas blenny 1 juvi emperor angel 1 dusky wrasse
  8. xeniaman

    Wrasse and Emporer Angelfish

    Crypt, does your lfs carry this angel formula, or do you order it online? Shipping for frozen foods is rediculous, and I can't find it anywhere around here
  9. xeniaman

    Planned Algae growth?

    depends on what kind of algae you are talking about, most will be just fine. Caularpa can go asexual and wipe out you're entire tank if the lighting isn't on 24-7. I rotate liverock from my sump every once in a while and the tangs love it. I just got an Emperor angel that is loving the algae...
  10. xeniaman

    blue linika help

    It's dying and will not survive much longer. Unfortunately these stars a very delicate and require a HUGE amount of established liverock to survive in captivity
  11. xeniaman

    Pygmy Angels

    I had a flame that would pick on some lps, it recently jumped into my overflow and unfortunatly died. It would frequently nip at my clowns and Tangs. I just got a juvi emperor today, thats a risk I'm willing to take with my corals. I figure if it nips at certain corals, I can always remove...
  12. xeniaman

    My Emp Angel

    I like that you offer such a variety, I offer a large selection as well. I might have to order the angel formula in bulk as none of my lfs have it readily available. Shipping is very expensive on frozen foods. Thank you
  13. xeniaman

    My Emp Angel

    I will be getting my Emperor angel soon and am wondering what you are feeding yours. I know they like sponge and algae, which my tank has a large abundance of (200 pounds of Live rock). I'm sure the sponge will be decimated quickly and I want to provide the fish the best chance for success. I...
  14. xeniaman

    Name Your Least Favorite Fish

    Beautiful fish, I have a juvi that is on order
  15. xeniaman

    How often do you feed your BTA

    never intentionally feed mine and I've had it for 3 years (spit twice)
  16. xeniaman

    Name Your Least Favorite Fish

    in all seriousness, foxface and unicorn tang(to me they look like a mutant from the hills have eyes
  17. xeniaman

    Name Your Least Favorite Fish

    adult Christmas Island Emperor angelfish, absolutely hideous
  18. xeniaman


    I was using sure flow mods for maxi jets, it didn't take too long before they failed. Now I am running 4 koralia 4s with the props from the maxi jet mods. Can't hear them run and wow 2500 gph
  19. xeniaman

    Easiest LPS Coral?

    depends on lighting, but I think frogspawn, bubble coral, and brains are fairly easy(not sure if brain coral are considered lps)
  20. xeniaman

    New msx 300

    then your all set, I cannot believe the improvement of my overall coral health and growth after just 4 months of using this skimmer. I never could get my trates below 20 no matter how many water changes or addition of refugium and chaeto. I just tested my nitrates and the are in between 0 and 5!