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  1. tinmanny

    New guy question?

    I have them in my tank all the time it has been up over 3 years they are harmless I do not remember what they are called but they are live critters just like the pods you can only see with a magnifying glass reef nut would know almost all know the name but not me oops good luck
  2. tinmanny

    My 90 Gallon reef tank

    there is a pritty good rule for adding fish about only adding 2" per 10gallons of tank and that is to be used conservetively due to the size of larger fish poop big fish will produce but on the other habd you do have a good looking tank and I like the georg very nice
  3. tinmanny

    Procrastinate On Taking Out Harmfull Hitchhikers That Eat Your Zoo's

    I have monties and some were in my tank. And from a foregin source I now have nudi's that eat them. Under a mag glass I see them and there eggs now if I see white on a monti for 24 hrs the coral comes out and I operate to remove them physicaly from the spot and then I look the coral over real...
  4. tinmanny

    Mandarin dragonets

    I have one and he is very beautiful but he is an avid grazer and without pods provided naturaly he will most shurely die they cannot be kept with supplamental foods they slowly starve and that is no falicy they eat all day even when mine is at the glass looking at me he still steals a bite when...
  5. tinmanny

    safe to use two heaters in reef tank?

    as I said two are always better due to failure it is good to have a fallback unit to protect your reef
  6. tinmanny

    Zoa's FS West Palm Area

    plum purple and blue plus shipping to 02905
  7. tinmanny


    do you have any green blue in top set and orang blue also thanks Manny
  8. tinmanny

    Wtb Elegance Coral

    I hae sun corals
  9. tinmanny

    switching bulbs

    I agree with tizzo the 14s will not get you a lot of blue without help from antics
  10. tinmanny

    growing mushrooms what else

    kenya trees up high zoos palies
  11. tinmanny

    My efforts have fruits

    no comments
  12. tinmanny

    switching bulbs

    I have 2 250w MH on my 90g and one is14,000 and the otheris 10,000 and the 14 is bluer and it brings out the color better I also have 4 coralife antic blues and the 10000k is too pure in the color range for me so I went to the 14000k to see if I could get growth and color in the same bulb so far...
  13. tinmanny

    My efforts have fruits

    A fiew pictures of someof my babies as you now see I am not good with pictures but let me know what you think
  14. tinmanny

    Algae troubles

    I realy do not think that is bubble algae but hair and fuzzy algae it traps air as it rises also air in the water and grows around it you should scrub one rock a day and run your filter at max or skim at max whatever you have that sometimes grows on the back of my tank it is usualy caused by...
  15. tinmanny

    want a dragonnet

    I have one in my 90g DT and he is doing just fine but others are right you should wait till you see pods in the sump so he will never run out and be carefull about how many pod eaters you put in there because ther will depleat the food supply very fast. I think that if you put 200 pods in the...
  16. tinmanny

    expert ich advice

    I was told by a marine biologist that Ick is usualy a result of a fish being sick stressed or eratic temp changes which causes stress and when you have it the tank has to be fishless for 6 weks so the parasite will completely die off any shorter time may let a small amount survive and also all...
  17. tinmanny

    Temperature ????????

    Mine runsfrom 78 to 81 I like it to be 79 or 80 and even on a reef the temp goes down after dark the only thing is to be consistant with what you want up and down a little is ok but in a small tank with the same inhabitants you may hurt them or stress them temp fluctuations may cause ick I read...
  18. tinmanny

    Hammer heard coral problems,,,HELP

    take a turky baster and puff some water at it if it blows out all scummy it has collected trash and is getting sick do this for a fiew days and see how it is doing you should see less and less each time you puff it Ps I do not mean to blow it out of its shoes just puff water at it if it does...
  19. tinmanny

    Refug Cheato flow?

    if you just put a pump in the refuge and lwt it move on the cheto t may work then you can keep theturnover rate lowand still ive the cheto what it needs
  20. tinmanny

    Refug question

    I would bet no more than an 80gph would do the job fine and they are cheep too