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  1. elmpops

    anemone and fish compatibles

    Here is a new one for me. Just added my first long tentacle anemone and one of my Domino Damsels has found a friend. Always thought that only clowns were immune to the sting, but the Domino has determined this is his territory
  2. elmpops


    Which wavemaker is best with controller. I bought a Habakkuk W-25 and mode 2 should pulse, but did not turn off and on. Thanks for recommendation.
  3. elmpops

    Sand sifting Starfish

    I have several Starfish as part of my “clean-up crew”. I noticed one is bowed up from the sand. It does not move and has remained like that for a day. Here is pic
  4. elmpops

    Sail fin Tang

    Thanks for the replies! I have solved my problem and will share in case others might have problems with aggressiveness. I had a piece of clear plexiglass cut that would slide into any part of the tank blocking off a section at one end. The piece was long enough to press down into the sand from...
  5. elmpops

    Sail fin Tang

    I recently added the Saikfin Tang and thinking that there is enough difference, there should not be a conflict with the Yellow Tang I already have. I was wrong. They are about the same size, but the Yellow is more aggressive and with the tail barb, gets the best of the Sailfin. I have...
  6. elmpops

    Newbie 24 gallon all-in-one reefer.

    Nice to hear from you! I am fairly new to salt, but have had fresh water for years. Since retiring, needed a more intense hobby, so gave fresh water to grandson and set up salt. Before doings, I went to Books Million and book book and studied and did a lot of google searches. The key point...
  7. elmpops

    New 112 gl tank

    You may already have your filtration set by now. I have hang on back with Marinelands 350 with Bio wheels. I also have a Fuval 407 canister. I did add two extra filter inserts on the Marineland with Seachem bio filter media. You will never ever need to change out. All my chemistry is always...
  8. elmpops

    Newbie 24 gallon all-in-one reefer.

    Looking at all of the posts, I noticed that you mention about ammonia at 25 ppm. Of all of the chemicals most toxic is ammonia. To get rid of it along with nitrite and nitrate, look into buying Instant Ocean Bio-Spira. It is bacteria and they advertise that adding, it will remove all NH3, NO3...
  9. elmpops

    Royal Gramma Basslet

    I have added this one to my tank about a month ago and really adds color. It has gotten to be good buddies with the three clowns. It does have a very unusual swimming habit of more on it’s side than upright. I also find it head up and tail up. Is this normal for the Gramma?
  10. elmpops

    3 Stripe Damselfish

    I have 3 of these damselfish and are fun to watch. They can a little aggressive toward each other and with the Domino damsel, but only lasts a few seconds. One has become good pals with the Singapore Angel. One of the Damsels will start acting funny by bobbing up and down and the first stripe...