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  1. jeanheckle

    Looking for help from the SPS gurus

    It looks like a millepora. It should color up with some purple or blue tips. keep it in the top third of your tank if it is under T5's. They are filter feeders and eat phyto in the water column. You can add things like marine snow although there is debate on the usefullness of it. Light is the...
  2. jeanheckle

    Chicken Strip= Cracked tooth?

    Originally Posted by reefraff Unless you expose a nerve cracked teeth wont always hurt. Unfortunately you usually get to experience a root canal to fix the bad tooth. Actually you can have a dead nerve. If the tooth had a large mercury filling in it, mercury expands and contracts just like in...
  3. jeanheckle

    PARANOID! about my clam help

    I have a Derasa Clam and he is under metal halide and the mantle hangs over. I think your clam is healthy and doing well.
  4. jeanheckle

    Gliderjohns Whale Trip

    Ok gliderjohn is my husband and some of you have read about his wonderful adventure snorkeling with whales. I just thought you should enjoy the vacation from my perspective. Ok, John leaves and my best friend flies in from CA, things are looking good. Next day protein skimmer on 46 gallon quits...
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    They're Here

  6. jeanheckle

    They're Here

    Originally Posted by TeresaQ Tell us a little more about your tank, size, temp. What else is in the tank? Cant wait to see pictures. here a couple of things that might work too. the first could be used as a feeding dish TeresaQ Thanks Teresa, those look better than what we have in there now.
  7. jeanheckle

    They're Here

    The tank is a 48 gallon hex, very tall! We have a prizm skimmer, an eheim classic canister filter. We have an air pump for aeration and a stream of bubbles. About 50 pounds live rock. Caulerpa and some type of red macro. We have a purple firefish and a blue dot goby as tankmates. Everyone gets...
  8. jeanheckle

    They're Here

    The horses are turning more brown, I have heard of color enriching foods, does anyone know what they are? Here is an updated pic.
  9. jeanheckle

    They're Here

    We finally got our horses and all seems to be going great!!
  10. jeanheckle

    Pet Dental Health Month

    Feb is pet dental health month. Here is my puppy as the star of his own commercial that my dental practice is using!!
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    2008 Photo Contest Instructions

    How do we collect our credit?
  12. jeanheckle

    Adding CUC?

    No you can add the cuc at one time as long as you aren't adding 100's. Good luck.
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    I asked my lfs to carry it for me and they do. I use the frozen bar. I feed it to my corals with a syringe and my byno goby follows me around eating it out of the tube.
  14. jeanheckle

    New Macro Lens

    the tuquoise pic is a fungia coral. We use the camera for everything. I got it purposely for the tank shots though.
  15. jeanheckle

    New Seahorse Tank

    After reading one of your posts, John is determined to have an old western theme. He found a place in England that sells aquarium pieces that replicate the old west, including hitching posts and saloon.
  16. jeanheckle

    Need advice on dog/baby

    Dogs are pack animals and the baby is a new pack member which lady feels she is dominant over. You need to establish the babies dominance over Lady. You do this by taking the baby and Lady for walks together. Lady is never allowed to walk in front of the stroller. When ever she shows aggression...
  17. jeanheckle

    New Macro Lens

    Originally Posted by n8ball2013 I use a point and hsoot and a magnifying glass.
  18. jeanheckle

    Rant Thread

    Originally Posted by sepulatian That is a lot on a mixed breed. I spent $1000 on my Jack Russel but it was from a breeder that breeds for calm temperament. Anyone who has a Jack knows that they are very hyper dogs. I am extremely happy with my decision to buy from a breeder. ! I need to...
  19. jeanheckle

    New Seahorse Tank

    We are filling with salt water today, so I imagine we are about 4 to 6 weeks away from horses. With lots of questions between now and then.
  20. jeanheckle

    New Macro Lens

    OK, I followed Silencio's advice and changed the ISO to 800 I used manual focus and an F stop of 9. This is the result!!! Snake I am using a Canon Rebel XSI with a Canon macro lens.