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  1. rich460

    is the 'Nano Cube' any good?? w/ specs..

    i have the nano cube i like it but i have to replace the pump its going out and the bad thing is i have only had it for like 3 mths.hth
  2. rich460

    r test strips anygood ?

    the strips are not as accurate as the liquid test kits.i use the liquid test kits for all my tests it only takes me about 20mins to check all my readings.:yes:
  3. rich460

    Men vs. Women

    in hy house i do it all my wife does go near the tank she thinks im nuts for spending close to 800 bucks on the 12g.
  4. rich460

    water change "use or not to use"

    you can get a rodi unit for 100 dollars at e:thinking: b:thinking: a:thinking: y:thinking: :thinking:
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  6. rich460

    Corals for beginners?

    get a colt coral i got one 6 mths ago and its almost twice its size when i got it.
  7. rich460

    Toadstool Leather ?'s

    check your phosphates that may be a reason why you have algae.hth
  8. rich460

    HELP - dying fish

    yes my lfs said thats how they do all there now i go to a diff and learn i always say.i lost around 60 bucks on those 3 fish but thats how it goes.:thinking:
  9. rich460

    does saltwater have odor?

    my tanks smells like lemons.:hilarious
  10. rich460

    HELP - dying fish

    the same thing happened to me the 1st time i put fish in my tank.i put in a starfish now dead,1 clown fish now dead and 1 fire fish goby now dead.after that happened i waited awhile before i put any more fish in my tank.i now have two clowns and both are doing good after 5 weeks. the star died...
  11. rich460

    Brown Algae ?

    dont do a water change untill your tank is done cycling it could cause your tank to cycle longer are you running your lights now if so just cut back on the time you leave them on.once your done cycling then add a good clean up crew.:joy:
  12. rich460

    12g Nano Cube... DX?

    i have the reg 12g nano cube and i have mushrooms,a colt cpral and a small fragg of zoos all are doing very happy with my nano cube but im getting a 65g very soon.:D
  13. rich460


    2x a day once in the morn and once about 5 or 6 nitrates are at 0.but i dont feed more then my fish can eat.
  14. rich460

    I'm screwed

    you can buy a ro/di unit for like a 100 bucks. just look at e b a y.:D
  15. rich460

    I'm screwed

    see if your lfs sells ro/di water.:eek:
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  17. rich460

    nano cube

    can you not just use 1 96w ballast thats all i can find on the net:notsure:
  18. rich460

    water change frequency... and products that state "NO MORE WATER CHANGES"

    i have this nice beach front house in arizonia if anyone is interested just let me :hilarious
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    thanks big911dog
  20. rich460

    need help fast

    Birdy yes the snails dead all at once when i left yesterday they where fine and when i got back from my lfs the where all dead.sw65galma all i had in my tank was the snails and crabsand yes its in my 12g nano thats all i have for now.thats see i went to my lfs yesterday and got 2 clowns and i...