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  1. chinnyr

    Would you put a Xenia in your tank?

    This is what it did to one of my previous tanks.It all started from an eraser sized bud.
  2. chinnyr

    will clowns host ricordea?

    I think ricordia would be too small.You can try hairy mushrooms,they kinda look like giant ricordias.And,I have seen clowns host in them before.
  3. chinnyr

    jumping clowns?

    Mine used to do this when the lights went out at night.He would swim up at the water surface next to the overflow.Something spooked him and he would end up in there a couple times a week.
  4. chinnyr

    Check out the white frogspawn...

    I had a huge one do this.It took about 2 months for it to show signs of recovery.My bleaching out was due to sustained high temps in the tank.Here's what it looked like at the time.
  5. chinnyr


    I have brown looking Hawaiian cowries and some white ones with a gold ring on them.They are all about the size of a nickle.Harmless so far(almost a year),and never have touched my sponges or anything else.I don't know the exact url,but there is a website that has an extensive list,with pics,of...
  6. chinnyr

    What are these anemones?

    If they have pink tips,I have seen these for sale(yes,for sale) on ---- as "Tulip Anemones".I have never had these,or Majono Anemones,which they also look like.But,from what I have read they multiply like mad.It's a shame because they look pretty too.
  7. chinnyr

    IT'S OUT OF CONTROL!!! Anyone like Pom-Pom??

    Careful what you ask for...this is what it did to my tank.I did manage to make some loot though,but I had to take down the whole tank to finally get rid of it.
  8. chinnyr


    I keep mine between 1.025 and 1.026 because everyone else keeps thiers at either one
  9. chinnyr

    nassarius snails

    More than likely the Sea Hare had died,and the snails started taking care of the remains.Nassarius snails are omnivorous.I recently had one of my big Zebra turbos die for no apparent reason.The hermits were eating the snail,and the Nassarius were right in the mix of things, not even bothered by...
  10. chinnyr

    Price of Salt ~ What the blue blazes!

    Heck,the little place in Arizona,I recently moved from,had IO single bags for $39.99!So,I thought if I drove the 1 1/2 hours to Phoenix it would be cheaper.It was still $20 a bag. :notsure: So,now I am back in Virginia and it's only $10 bucks a bag.
  11. chinnyr

    "Xenia, Life After Death"

    Well,here's a pic of what once was my Xenia forest.It went through a hurricane,no power for 2 days,tank temp at 85+ for 12 days,and numerous other things.And,no die off.It kept growing like this for 2 years.I fragged it and made some mad loot too!I will never introduce it to my tank again.Just...
  12. chinnyr

    pulsing xenias?

    Here's a pic of my old weed patch for reference...I traded mine in for credit,sold frags and then gave it away.Now everyone back home has my Xenia in thier tanks.
  13. chinnyr

    Mixing shrimp

    Should'nt be a problem.I had cleaners and peppermints in my 90.
  14. chinnyr

    Auction Live Rock

    Sounds like the guy cured some base rock himself.As with all things on ----,they are hit or miss.I always make sure to check feedback profiles to see how others responded to thier items.Thanks for sharing your experience too!I guess the only thing good about buying rock from a store is that you...
  15. chinnyr

    Tank pic

    Yeah,the Frogspawn recently bleached out completly white.I have no idea as to why because it was the only coral affected.I had been problem free with all corals until this.Now,after a month it is returning back to it's original color. Yes!The Xenia paid for my new tank.And my skimmer,and nearly...
  16. chinnyr

    Tank pic

    Another from May...
  17. chinnyr

    Tank pic

    I actually do not add any supliments to the tank what so ever.I feed frozen brine,cyclopeeze,dts,and nori.As for corals....mostly softies.Various zoos,leathers,ricordia and other polyps.I also have a few lps and recently some sps.The Frogspawn has gotten gigantic.I also have an anchor and...
  18. chinnyr

    Tank pic

    Well,I have been away from this board for a while,and I just wanted to post a recent pic of my tank.I have transfered my 60gal and 38gal into a new 90gal aga megaflow w/20gal sump.I am dealing with a small flatworm problem,and other than that things are good.Temp gets up to 84 some days,but that...
  19. chinnyr


    I recently used the exit.Did'nt wipe them all out though,so I am redosing again this week.Be sure to follow the instructions to the "t".You will be surprised how many there are that you can't see.And,have plenty of water made for a wtaer change if needed.
  20. chinnyr

    Hitchhiker Identifications

    Not really a true hitchiker,but it came form something I overlooked.Big ol bubble algae.