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  1. reefmaster08

    Bad idea IMO !
  2. reefmaster08

    acan pack--4 frags

    Pm sent.
  3. reefmaster08

    Sun Coral & Favia

    $50 shipped is bottom dollar.
  4. reefmaster08

    Sun Coral & Favia

    Pm me a price on the favia shipped to 34237. Thanks Brian.
  5. reefmaster08

    zoa frags

    Make me a pack deal for all pm me thanks flic... Brian.
  6. reefmaster08

    ULTRA Super Maxima, Blues, Polka Dots Jokers - Here they come

    Intrested in one any one is good for me can you kook me up shipped to 34237... Brian. Pm me.
  7. reefmaster08


    I want some ??? Brian.
  8. reefmaster08

    Trader Feedback

    All i can say is thank you.
  9. reefmaster08

    corals for sale st.petersburg florida

    Im intrested in a small peace I can meet you im in sarasota, pm me if so. Brian.
  10. reefmaster08

    Sun Coral for Trade

    Wana sell pm me.
  11. reefmaster08


    Intrested. What color are yours ? Brian.
  12. reefmaster08

    A Few Zoa rocks F/S

    Pm me my price for all.
  13. reefmaster08

    Jokers palys

    Call me kid im intrested...
  14. reefmaster08

    F/S: 2 Acan Frags

    Sell it to me scott wtf ?
  15. reefmaster08

    Zoanthids for sale!!

    Originally Posted by rebelprettyboy sweet back from the dead lol! Glad to see your not completey out of hobby u must still be holdin on to a tank! Dido.
  16. reefmaster08

    Zoa rock with shrooms

    Pm me my price shipped there buddy... 34237.