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  1. mattmc

    Mandarin in a 55? --opinions wanted

    Mandarines can be very hard to keep. It sounds to me that you have every thing they like, just make sure you have lots and lots of pods. Plus you might go through 2 or 3 before you find one that's healthy enough to survive. So hang in there!
  2. mattmc

    any reefers in washington?

    That place in Olympia is nice but kind of spendy. I've never heard of craigs list, maybe I will try them. A nother place you might want to try, again in oregon somewhere around Portland is '' I've been there a few times. It's kind of hard to find though. I really don't like the way...
  3. mattmc

    dying ricordia?

    Your getting alot of bad information. They need a lot of light and at least medium water flow. The worst thing you can do is keep moving it around your tank, don't move it up or down more then 6 inches in any 7 days. The halides are a good idea. Good luck
  4. mattmc

    any reefers in washington?

    Another place you might want to try if your ever in Oregon (down by Portland) is Upscales salt water fish. The corals they have are very remarkable! It's well worth the drive even if you just want to look and not buy anything. Every time I go I tell myself I'm not going to buy anything, but...
  5. mattmc

    any reefers in washington?

    Have you tried 'extreme marine' in olympia? They have a lot of stuff and know quite a bit. I live about 10 miles south of Chehalis Wa. I have a 200 gal. and a 46 gal. saltwater tanks. I'v been doing this for a few years now and know a fair? amount myself. You might say I'm a true reefer. I was...