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  1. crazy4reefs

    Did the Dolphins really just beat the Pats?

    Belichick is only human so there was only so much he could do with a down and out starter QB like Drew Bledsoe! Brady is good but he doesnt run the whole team. Belichick has a team owner who believes in him and lets him put together the best team he can and wants. He has to be doing something...
  2. crazy4reefs

    Did the Dolphins really just beat the Pats?

    to be honest you cant blame it all on Cassel. The pat's played bad on all sides of the ball even special teams except for that one great return. I am a Pat's fan but I have to be honest for some reason we always have a hard time playing the Dolphins, there been times where the Dolphins have a...
  3. crazy4reefs

    so super excited

    Congrats! as long as at the end of the week you get a paycheck and not owe them for all the great deals you get!
  4. crazy4reefs

    Ricordeas for sale...

    PM sent
  5. crazy4reefs

    green star polyps

    you can either use some super glue or if the rock isnt to big you can just put a rubber band around the rock and the gsp and just leave it there for maybe a week and it will attach itself. the rubber band only has to be tight enough to hold the gsp to the rock and not be blown off by the flow in...
  6. crazy4reefs

    Exciting!!! Look at my aquascape

    I personally would add more l/r, it has good effects all around and I just like how it looks. I am not talking about filling it bottom to top just add maybe 20 more pounds to the DT tank like some people suggested. from what I have experienced my fish love to swim through all the live rock and...
  7. crazy4reefs

    Come on Sing with me!

    hey its my birthday too! but I am a little older than you, well more than a little! Happy Birthday, hope you have a great one and let us know if you get any cool gifts for your tank when you sober up that is!
  8. crazy4reefs

    A little advice needed on pumps

    if you use the 2 #3 karolia powerheads you will find that you have an easier time getting rid of dead spots. they are a really great powerhead that provide a large area of flow. you can have one on the back wall of the aquarium pointed towards the front glass of your aquarium and I have also...
  9. crazy4reefs

    horseshoe crab

    I did a little research and this is what I found " The Horseshoe Crab is very strange in appearance and can be unique captives for an aquarium. Horseshoe Crabs are bottom dwellers, and in the wild usually burrow in mud or sand flats in tidal areas or estuaries. In the aquarium, your...
  10. crazy4reefs

    A little advice needed on pumps

    In my opinion I would go with 2 of the #3 karolia powerheads. pretty much with any tank you want to have enough flow so that you dont have dead spots (no flow) because algae has an easier time growing in the dead spots. also with good flow when you feed your fish the food will stay suspended in...
  11. crazy4reefs

    HOB overflow was tested today...

    thats great! I have seen many post by people who have had problems with their tanks overflowing after a power outage. It look like that is one headache that you wont have to deal with!
  12. crazy4reefs

    Advice, Please.

    You also have to watch out for your clean up crew, mine are pretty good at knocking my frags off of the l/r. If they are able to stay in place long enough they will attach themselves. I am sorry I dont know what kind of zoa they are but if you post pic's in the Zoanthids forum you might be able...
  13. crazy4reefs

    Will a clown fish mate again?

    IMO, I think that the perc clowns are the less aggressive of all the clown fish and with a tank that big I would think your chances would be good of adding a smaller clown but I suggest that the clown you add is not to much smaller or he could get a beating. there might be some aggression to...
  14. crazy4reefs

    new to saltwater fish

    In my opinion that is a really hard question to ask, a lot of it depends on your and your wallet. if you have the money and you are into this you could really go all out with equipment and how you set it up. Or if you dont have a lot of money or do not want to deal with all that you can go with...
  15. crazy4reefs

    new to saltwater fish

    welcome to the board, great place with a lot of people who know their stuff! I guess my first question would be what kind of tank is it. Is it and all in one tank with the equipment included or is it a regular tank that you will have to add equipment to? I dont know if you had read much about...
  16. crazy4reefs

    Deal or No Deal?

    8 months old thats not bad. I would rather go with a 12 gallon than an 8 gallon. just be careful if its going to be in your sons room you dont want him to get burnt on the light like Cranberry said!
  17. crazy4reefs

    which protein skimmer?

    I originall didnt want to use one on my tank but from what I read and what I was told everyone said to use a protein skimmer. thanks for the info Mr.X!
  18. crazy4reefs

    which protein skimmer?

    I have a 20 gallon tall tank and I am trying to figure out which protein skimmer to go with. the first one is-AquaC Nano Remora Protein Skimmer with a maxi jet 900 pump or- AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer with Maxi-Jet 1200 Pump if I go with this one I also would like to get the AquaC Remora...
  19. crazy4reefs

    Deal or No Deal?

    well with that light they could keep any kind of coral they want but with those lights I would really worry about the water over heating! I would hate to have to buy a chiller for a 12 gallon nano. How old is the tank and did you get to see any pic's of it?
  20. crazy4reefs

    More frags for sale.

    PM sent